Beef Biltong: The New Protein Alternative – The South Africa Biltong

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Working out is extremely healthy for our bodies, physically and mentally however it isn’t the easiest thing to follow through as there are so many factors to staying healthy. We need to think about nutrition, the physical exercise itself and ensuring there is an element of consistency.

When it comes to nutrition one of the most important nutrients we require after a workout is protein and protein is consumed in a number of different ways. For example, protein bars, fish, jerky or the good old-fashioned protein powder.

Our search for the best protein and also in a style that suits our bodies can be one of the hardest tasks of all. However, there’s a new high in protein source that can be your answer and change the way you snack for the nutrients you need. We call it biltong. Biltong is a natural sourced and produced, high in protein healthy snack, which can change your protein intake for the better.

beef biltong

What is beef biltong?

Beef biltong originates from South Africa and is beef that has been slow dried for a few days and mixed with a number of different flavours of spices to deliver an immense burst of flavour. Biltong is produced with minimal ingredients, making it extremely healthy to consume. A typical 100g bag of biltong, would have been slow dried for a few days and mixed with a variation of spiced flavours, so when you look on the back of a packet of biltong, its normal to see up to 5 ingredients included.

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How can biltong replace my protein bar?

Protein bars on average contain up to around 30g of protein within an 100g protein bar, which once upon a time was extremely high and so it became extremely popular. Now, there’s biltong meat, which for every 100g, there can be up to 50g plus of natural protein. If you’re thinking how is this possible? Biltong, is made from beef and when you have a 100g beef steak fresh, it likely has around 25g of protein however once it is slow dried, the beef loses approximately 55% of its weight, leaving you with a refined, slim snack that packs in more of the goodness you’re looking for.


So, with biltong, you’re able to consume 100g and pack in way more protein then you would with a protein bar and the difference in taste is worlds apart. Biltong, bursts with flavour.


Does biltong taste better then protein bars?

All you would need to do is give biltong a try to see the taste differences are worlds apart. It bursts with flavour in each strip that has been slow dried for days with a variation of spices for the flavour. As the beef is slow dried with the spices, the spices are seeped into the beef further to deliver an amazing taste. So, when getting your protein fix for the day, you’re sure to ensure it.


How does this compare to protein bars? Well, they don’t quite compare. Protein bars tend to replicas of chocolate bars or flapjacks and are quite thick and stodgy in their nature. This is because they’re a whole host of ingredients thrown together and produced in a factory. With all the ingredients thrown in, it tends to be tricky to find a great tasting flavour your taste buds love as well as your body.

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Is biltong healthy?

It depends on the brand producing the biltong. For example, are a great example of healthy nutritional biltong. They get their beef from premium certified UK grass fed cows for the added nutrition. Then they slow dry the beef to deliver an incredible high in protein snack, that is low is sugar and carbs and includes no MSG and overall delivers a great tasting flavour.


The creation of biltong is very natural in comparison to the usual protein bars and other factory produced snacks meant for protein. The best way to see this for yourself is to taste some biltong and compare it to your protein bar and let me know which one goes down easier with your taste buds and then your body.

Biltong Vs Protein Bar Verdict

As you’ve just read biltong has so many advantages in comparison to traditional protein methods such as protein bars. Biltong provides more protein per 100 grams, tastes better, is more natural in its production and overall can replace your usual protein bar. The verdict is really down to you, it is recommended you do a little test and tasting them both one after the other and seeing which one suits you more. If you happen to do this, biltong is sure to change your opinion and your regime to where you get your protein source from. So why, wait, buy some protein today and see if you can find that protein alternative you’ve been looking for.