Which Exercise Machines are Suitable for Lower Back Pain?

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A long time ago, physicians thought that if you had lower back pain, you should altogether avoid doing any exercise at all. And the remedy for that was to rest for days until you feel no more pain in your back. Though it was an effective way of dealing with pain, it was time-consuming. There wasn’t any period for recovery, and all you had to do was to wait for months.

Now doctors highly recommend that if you are feeling any pain in your lower back, you must exercise instead of laying down on your bed. However, you should consult your doctor before hitting the gym or buying an exercise machine for your home.

Targeting your lower back with the right exercise equipment can is the most effective way of dealing with pain. There is no need to hit the gym as you can do it all alone at home as well. If you are dealing with back pain and don’t know which exercise machine can help you out, you can read articles on Fit Notch for some of the most recommended exercise machines by experts.

However, before buying any of those cardio machines for dealing with back pain or Sciatica, you must know about specific things to avoid all costs. According to the doctor, the right exercise equipment can put an end to your pain forever or at least some part of it.

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Elliptical Cross Trainers for dealing with Lower Back

Elliptical Cross Trainers for dealing with Lower Back


Physiotherapists all around the world recommend the elliptical machine to deal with lower back pain. Elliptical machines are the most versatile exercise equipment that mimics the natural walk stride of the human body. However, by using elliptical machines, your feet don’t touch the ground, this ensures a lower impact on your joints.


Elliptical machines deliver excellent low workout routine if you are suffering from joints and muscles pain. It puts less stress on your knees, which in turn keeps your spine safe during a workout. People suffering from herniated discs know better about the impact on knees while moving on the ground. People suffering from lower back pain must avoid running at all costs.

The foot pedals on the elliptical machines provide a fluid motion without any jolts. Elliptical machines are cheaper than other forms of cardio machines. Moreover, cross-training equipment covers less space and can easily fit in a small apartment or condo.



Treadmill Machines for Herniated Disc or Back Pain


We do not advise treadmills for running at this point. People with joints or back muscle problems can use a treadmill for a light walk. If you are suffering from Sciatica, then we highly recommend you walk on a treadmill.

Treadmills are low impact cardio machines designed to simulate the real world running or walking experience. People of older age group usually suffer from lower back pain or herniated disc, so they must choose treadmills with well-cushioned deck for a light walk.

One of the significant advantages of using a treadmill is that you have to put less effort to push the belt. For seniors, we highly recommend treadmills with variable speed adjustments. Although you can choose the one with pre-set workout programs, in that case, you might feel more stress on your joints.

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If you are having back and joints problem, it is advised to start walking on the treadmill at a low pace. You may increase the speed if you feel less pain in the coming days of your training. Treadmills are a little bit expensive than the elliptical machines due to built-in motor.

Try looking for the treadmill that is foldable to save more space in your room. Make the deck of the treadmill has a soft cushioned surface to avoid any shock on your knees.


Stepper Machines to Deal with Spine Problems


Stepper machines are compact and straightforward to use the equipment. Due to its smaller size, this cardio machine can be used in office and small spaces as well. You can also put in under your desk and exercise while you work.

Although the stepper machine looks like the compact form of the elliptical machine, it’s different. With elliptical, you can work on both the upper and lower part of your body simultaneously. However, stepper works on the lower portion. Moreover, the range of motion in stepper is shorter than that of an elliptical machine.

Although the lack of handles in the stepper machine might be taken as a disadvantage, it helps in strengthening your core muscles as well. However, for a geek with lower back pain, it is a bit harder to maintain their balance. So what they can do is use these machines under the desk by putting their arms on the desk or table.



Which of these machines must you choose for rapid recovery?


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It entirely depends upon the condition of your back pain whether to choose a stepper machine or not. If your pain has just begun and is intense, you must stick with a treadmill or elliptical for rapid recovery.

As experts, we always recommend you to start with elliptical machines as they as safe and come with back support seat. If your pain is mild, then you must go for a treadmill with a cushioned deck. And if you are not comfortable with any of these, you must choose stepper machines as your last option.