How to Make Orange Juice Taste Better – Healthy Juice Benefits

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The fresh orange juice actually tastes very well; still, there are some secret methods to make orange juice taste better. You can adopt one method or more than one at a time. Enjoy!

The secret methods to make orange juice taste better

  1. If the taste of orange juice or bitterness is very strong, you can add some water. It will reduce the flavor easily.
  2. Add sugar or honey. In general orange juice can be sweeter, you can add some honey or sugar as more sweetness obviously tastes great.

If you like salt also, you can add a very small amount in orange juice. The black salt tastes better than white salt, so you can try it as well.

  1. Do you like more bitterness? To taste it, add some tablespoons of lime juice.
  2. The orange juice and milk, drinking both at a time taste great. At first, try 2:1 orange juice and milk. If you like, you can add both in a 1:1 ratio too. The milk in orange juice reduces the sweetness. You may add some sweetener as well.
  3. Serve the orange juice with two or three fresh mint leaves. It will not only smell good but also taste better.
  4. Mix a banana in orange juice in a blender. This way, it will taste like a creamy drink.

Combining other ingredients with orange juice, as well as being a new taste experience can also be a good choice for those who want to get more nutrients from the consumption of fruit juice.

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Very consumed, orange juice can be made with the fruit alone or bring a combination of other fruits, vegetables and even green leaves, ideal options for those who want to go out of the routine and try new flavors.

In the list below, you can check out these amazing options to make orange juice taste better.

Orange Juice and Other Fruits

  1. Orange Juice and Green Apple: Blend one green apple and ice with the juice of five oranges in a blender. The walk-through is simple but yields a very tasty drink.
  2. Orange and Strawberry Juice: Famous in the Outback franchise, this is a recipe in which orange and strawberry juice don’t mix in the glass: the first is at the bottom while the second is at the top. Use frozen strawberries.
  3. Orange-Cherry Juice: To test this recipe at home, you first need to squeeze oranges. The next step is to beat the juice with cherries in syrup, but only the fruits. The broth is out!
  4. Papaya Orange Juice: The purpose of this juice is to be detoxifying, so it combines orange with papaya, a fruit that helps the intestines to function, and flaxseed, which is high in fiber.
  5. Mango Orange Juice: This is a recipe that doesn’t just take orange and mango. Ginger, honey, and cinnamon also come into play. The result is a very tasty, flavored juice that still helps to speed up metabolism.
  6. Orange, Plum and Papaya Juice: Want to get rid of that bloated feeling and make your gut work well? To get this result, you can delight in this juice that combines orange, plum, papaya, lemon, flaxseed and brown sugar.
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Orange Juice with Vegetables

  1. Orange, Pineapple and Carrot Juice: Very refreshing, this is a great recipe for summer juice, because it has pineapple, and carrot, which gives that little hand to keep the tan.
  2. Orange, Beet, and Ginger Juice: If you’re not just looking for flavor but also want a nutrient-filled drink, preparing this orange-beet-parsley-ginger juice is a great bet. For the preparation, beat the orange juice with the other ingredients.
  3. Orange, Lemon, and Carrot Juice: In this option, orange and lemon juice go into the best blender along with a medium carrot and four ice cubes. After that, just serve your drink with a different taste.
  4. Orange Beet Juice: A different proposition for those who like to innovate is to prepare ice with orange juice and beet blended. At serving time, just add orange juice to the glass along with the ice cubes.
  5. Orange, Beet, and Carrot Juice: This is a more incremental recipe using stalks of beetroot, carrots, oranges, dates, parsley, ginger, and water. Even with a longer ingredient list than the previous options, it yields a very refreshing juice.
  6. Orange, Carrot and Ginger Juice: Another option for anyone who wants a vegetable-light juice is to combine orange with carrot and ginger. Here, for better yield, ice water is also combined with the other ingredients.

Orange Juice with Green Leaves

  1. Orange, Beetroot, and Kale Juice: Combining orange with collard greens is nothing new, but to make your drink even bigger, the suggestion of this recipe is to add water, plums, and beets to the juice.
  2. Cabbage Orange Juice: Now, if you want to try a classic combination, you can make this recipe in which orange juice is whipped with only cabbage, water, sugar or sweetener in a blender.
  3. Orange, Apple and Watercress Juice: Watercress is another green leaf that can be combined with orange juice, but the recipe doesn’t stop there, apple and water are also used to prepare this drink.
  4. Orange, Melon and Watercress Juice: If you are looking for a juice that helps you to lose weight, you need to know this recipe. Here the combination comes from orange, melon, watercress leaves, water, and honey or brown sugar.
  5. Orange, Carrot and Celery Juice: To get out of the routine and enjoy a delicious juice, you can also prepare a drink with carrot, orange, celery stalk, arugula, green zucchini, and cucumber.
  6. Orange, Strawberry, and Cabbage Juice: A simple but tasty option is to combine orange with strawberries, kale, water, and sweetener or organic sugar. The suggestion is to drink without straining for better absorption of nutrients.
  7. Orange, Carrot and Cabbage Juice: To close the list, the recipe is made with orange, carrot, cabbage, goji berry, water, and brown sugar. The last ingredient is optional, so if you want a lower calorie drink, you can leave the sugar out.
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