Can Smoking Weed Help You Lose Weight?

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Weed is a prevalent and well-known drug all over the world. Therefore, even if you have smoked weed, you most probably know about its effects because of its portrayal in pop culture.


When it comes to the connection of cannabis with weight loss, there are some confusions. On one side, we all know about the “munchies,” the hunger-inducing effect of marijuana, which makes users crave junk food, while on the other, we also see studies that cannabis can be linked to weight loss.


So, what is the truth? Does cannabis help in weight loss? If yes, then how? These are some common questions that might be roaming in your mind, and by the end of this post, you will have answers for all of them.


Smoking Weed cause weight loss


What is the link between cannabis and weight loss?


In 2011, two significant studies about the relationship between cannabis and weight loss were reviewed, and most of the hype around the weight-loss claims of cannabis come from these studies. In one of the significant studies, it was concluded that the rates of obesity were significantly lower among people who used cannabis at least three days a week.


More recent studies have also confirmed these claims. In recent studies, it was included that cannabis users had lower BMIs as compared to non-cannabis users.


However, it is crucial to understand that these studies only claim that there is a link between cannabis and weight loss; whether weed directly influences weight loss is still to be determined, but many experts believe that it has specific effects on the body, which might indirectly lead to lower weight.

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How can cannabis contribute to a lower weight?


Though we can’t be sure about the direct impact of cannabis on weight loss, it does help in the following indirect ways.


It increases your mobility:


One of the most prevalent benefits of cannabis is pain relief, and by countering pain and healing injuries, marijuana can make it easier for people to move around and be more active. Moreover, certain cannabis Sativa strains are also known to make users more energetic, which helps them get some physical exercise.


It improves metabolism:


Cannabis affects our bodies in many ways, one of which is increased metabolism. This can lead to better digestion and more energy, both of which contribute to a lower BMI.


It lowers stress levels:


Stress is a common issue that people of all ages have to deal with these days. It can have numerous adverse impacts on your physical and psychological health, and above that, it can also be bad for your career.


One of the lesser-known effects of stress is stress eating, which can cause people to get obese if they don’t find healthier ways to cope. Moreover, by decreasing the performance of our immune system and decreasing our metabolism, stress can contribute to unhealthy weight gain.


However, cannabis is a beneficial stress countering substance; the cannabinoids in the cannabis plant can interact with your natural endocannabinoid system and aid the release of Dopamine, which is also known as the pleasure hormone.


Furthermore, cannabis also decreases cortisol levels in our body, which can contribute to lower weight in cannabis users.

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It aids in sleeping:


Did you know that insufficient and low-quality sleep can also contribute to weight gain? Well, cannabis can also help you get better sleep. By countering stress and relaxing your muscles, cannabis can make it easier for you to doze off.


Therefore, if you are having trouble sleeping at night, cannabis can help you get the required six to eight hours of sleep every day. if you are interested, you can buy weed here.


It helps young people reduce drinking:


Another positive impact of cannabis is that most users don’t drink as much. This allows their bodies to be healthier, and they can maintain better metabolic rates. Moreover, avoiding alcohol can have various other positive impacts on the body.


What about the “munchies”?


So, considering the effects as mentioned above of cannabis, it seems like it would decrease its users’ weight, but what about the “munchies,” it is also proved that marijuana users eat more junk food when they are high.


According to a recent study, most users prefer chips, ice cream, and cookies as their snack of choice, which can contain a lot of unhealthy calories, however, experts are still unsure how, even after consuming more calories, in an unhealthy manner, cannabis users have lower BMIs on average.


Some experts believe that the counteracting effects of the two major cannabinoids in the cannabis plant can have something to do with this effect.


THC is the cannabinoid most responsible for the euphoric effects of cannabis, but it also induces hunger. This is also the reason why high THC cannabis strains are used as an appetite stimulant.

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On the other hand, CBD is the cannabinoid that is responsible for most of the medical benefits of cannabis, and it can counter some of the effects of THC.


Therefore, we can conclude that the strain that is used plays an essential role in whether cannabis is effective in weight loss or not.


Final thoughts:


So, the answer to the question in the title is “yes,” cannabis can help lose weight; however, most of the evidence indicates that marijuana might be more effective in maintaining a lower weight.


Moreover, we still can’t be sure about the effectiveness of cannabis as a weight-reducing supplement because the information we have about it is quite limited and a lot of research is required to get a complete idea of the effectiveness of cannabis and to understand whether the benefits of cannabis outweigh the drawbacks.


That’s right, not all effects of cannabis are positive, and it can have adverse effects on our health as well, especially when it is smoked.


Though cannabis smoke is nowhere near as dangerous as tobacco, studies have shown that it can still have some carcinogens that can be very detrimental to your lungs. However, using edible food is considerably safer.


Hence, there was a brief explanation of cannabis as a weight-reducing supplement; I hope this post was helpful and informative.