How Can Aphrodisiacs Improve Your Health?

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While we are aware that Aphrodisiacs are used to improve sexual health and libido, one cannot sideline the advantages it offers in the long-term, as a result of good food and good sex life.


You can also have a look at the ancient product of Spanish fly that has recently found an entry into the market.  but does spanish fly really work? That is a question for another discussion.


Here we will be discussing the impact on aphrodisiac on your overall health.


It is interesting to note that these aphrodisiacs are adaptogens as well, i.e, the food category that helps your body adapt to external stimuli such as stress or unfavorable situations. 


Let us elaborate a bit on the delectable items that can improve your dish, your sex life and also your overall health


  1. Chocolate


Perhaps, the most commonly known aphrodisiac, chocolate is the pure element of indulgence that is as sinful as it is delicious. In addition to being a delectable sweetmeat, it is also enriched with antioxidants that improve the flow of oxygen and also lower blood pressure. Chocolate is also known to improve brain function, reduce the chances for heart diseases and protect skin from the sun. 


  1. Honey


A natural sweet craving equalizer, honey is a great aphrodisiac which is known to boost testosterone and also improve sex drive in both women & men. In addition to adding sweetness to your love life, it is a great substitute for sugar and a perfect companion for those suffering from diabetes. It is packed with antioxidants which can lower blood pressure and also has the knack to reduce cholesterol levels as well as triglycerides. 

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  1. Garlic


 The pungent garlic may be famous for driving away vampires but is rather welcoming in terms of a sexual boost. Garlic is a widely known aphrodisiac which when added to daily meals is known to improve sex drive and libido of both men and women. 


However, its benefits don’t end here. It has potential medicinal properties, is highly nutritious with no-calories and can reduce blood pressure levels. It also slashes cholesterol levels which substantially cuts down on the risk of heart diseases. It can also combat sicknesses like the common cold. 


  1. Oysters


These members of the mollusk clan are more than famous for their pearls. A completely different variant of oysters are the perfect item if you are looking to improve your overall health. In order to being a very commonly known aphrodisiac, oysters are also a power house, packed with elements that help protect brain function, improves eyesight, protects skin, heart and immune system and also contribute to healthy bones.


  1. Strawberries


You must have seen strawberries as a part of indulgence, dipped in chocolate. This is because strawberries are famous aphrodisiacs that are not only improve your sex drive but also boost your body with antioxidants to make the experience richer. 


In addition to its role as an aphrodisiac, strawberry is also a major source of vitamin C and manganese in addition to vitamin b9 and potassium. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, it is extremely good at heart health and blood sugar control.  Next time, do not forget to add these sweet red fruits to your diet for an overall health benefit. 

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  1. Fennel 


Fennel seeds are considered to be a vital element in various cuisines which are not useful in elevating the taste but is packed with essential nutrients that can do wonders for your health. It is a great aphrodisiac which improves sex-drive and stamina. 


But furthermore, it is a very good helping hand that can take care of your bone health, maintain your blood pressure, keep cancer at bay, reduces inflammation, improves immunity & heart health and contributes significantly to a healthy digestion. 


The list is endless but these are some of the most sought after benefits of fennel seeds. If is also recommended to soak them in water overnight and drink that water for an effective weight loss. 


  1. Pine Nuts


These edible seeds of a pine tree are perfect companions if you are looking for a little pick me up during the course of your rushed day. It comprises of monounsaturated fat, protein and iron that significantly boost energy and magnesium levels in the body to avoid fatigue. 


In addition to being a great aphrodisiac that can help in erectile dysfunction or lack of sex-drive post menopause, pine nuts are also the way to a healthy heart. It controls diabetes, enhances brain health, cuts down the chances for cancer and also strengthens bones. 


  1. Watermelon


A study suggests that watermelon may be an aphrodisiac, thanks to the presence of essential amino acid citrulline, which relaxes and dilates blood vessels, akin to Viagra or other medicines deployed to treat erectile dysfunction. 

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Not to mention, it is an excellent source of minerals, fiber and delicious hydration which keeps the body cool and mind alert. It is also great to taste and has no calories, thereby, can be picked up as a snack by those who are watching their weight. Try avoiding the fruit now! 


  1. Chilli Pepper

For all those who love spices, chilli pepper is a must in every meal. However, for those who steer clear of it, are missing out on some really great health benefits. Chilli can not only spice up your food but also sex life as it releases endorphins that calms your mind down and gets you in the mood. 


The health benefits of chilli are also aplenty. It fights inflammation, providing immediate relief, is a natural pain reliever, clears congestion, helps lose weight, clears congestion and offers a plethora of cardiovascular benefits. 


  1. Wrapping Up


Aphrodisiacs are naturally occurring elements in nature or manufactured, keeping the natural process in mind. If you are looking for an instant effect, you can try the industrial aphrodisiac. Click here to know how you can use it for a better physical drive and sexual health. 




Overall, aphrodisiacs are an element of good health and also the pathway to try new things in bed. You can be rest assured that your health between the sheets as well as in life in general will improve multi-fold.