10 Solid Back Workout With Dumbbells – Easy Steps with Pictures

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Who doesn’t want an attractive body? Ten out of ten votes ‘YES’ to get an attractive body. No! It is not easy to make an attractive body. It requires a lot of hard work. For that, you need proper dedication and wish to make it. Nothing is impossible in the world. Everyone can get is by his proper dedication level. Friends today I am going to say about 15 types of back workout with dumbbells that will properly help you to make attractive body muscle and charming in the society a well.

Back Workout With Dumbbells 2020

So, Friends stay with us till the end. As this article is going to be very interesting. By this article, I am totally confident that you will able to make back muscle. As total criteria to make muscle and back workout with dumbbells, On this topic I am going to give spotlight.

#01 – The Y’S Exercise

back workout with dumbbells - Y'S Exercise

It was first discovered in the USA’s Bodybuilding Gym. The aim of this workout is to make a strong and attractive shoulder by the dumbbells. This is very recommendable and appreciable exercise to make shoulder muscles. No! I am not saying it is easy. You should have a proper dedication level and also have the mentality to make shoulder muscles.


For this exercise, you should have to follow a number of steps. These are like as follow


  • Firstly, you have to take two dumbbells. Then need to arise with your hand after that make a distance at about 2 feet of your hands.
  • Secondly, Need to shake down towards the earth. Your shoulder and hand should be a stay parallel.
  • Take proper help from the trainer at the time of this exercise some time this exercise become very dangerous. You must have to remember not to shake your hands much time.
  • Also, take the dumbbells according to your capability. Otherwise, it may harmful to you.

It is the very first and acceptable exercise for all to make shoulder muscle. So, friends according to my recommendation you should try to get attractive shoulder muscles.

#02 – The UPRIGHT STABLE Exercise for Back Workout with Dumbbells

It also very important exercise to make the muscle on the deeper back. This muscle is effective because in this exercise you are picking to dumbbells parallel to the earth and staying it at the level of your chest. So, this works really fine to make attractive back muscles. I think you should do it in your home two times, in the evening and morning. Four pigs will be enough to get attractive back muscles through this exercise.

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These are some steps you need to follow to do this exercise,


  • Firstly, pick two dumbbells according to your weight lifting capacity.
  • Then place it parallel with the earth, and stay it in the front of your chest.
  • Stay there for a second after that generally pull it off.
  • Congratulations! you completed your single pig of The UPRIGHT STABLE Exercise.

It is the best way to make back muscle. So, if you want to make an attractive back muscle then you should try this at home at least two times a day.

#03 – The SHRUG Exercise

It is a recommendable exercise to make deep back muscle and arm muscle as well. For that, you need to pick two dumbbells and lift down it back workout with dumbbells. The dumbbells are actually picked in the level and parallel towards the earth and then downfall it. Yes! you should not do it more times in a day. But 2-3 times will be enough.


A number of steps are here,


  • First of all, take dumbbells according to your capacity. If you have, then try to arise heavy weighted dumbbells.
  • Forward it on the upper part.
  • Downward it again.
  • Take the suitably weighted dumbbells otherwise, it may affect tout humor bone.

These are some steps you should have to take at the time of SHRUG Exercise. This exercise is really very beneficial at the purpose of muscle building.

#04 – The NARROW ROW Exercise

The NARROW ROW Exercise

It is also an acceptable workout of muscle-making. The backside muscle can be made by this workout. This is one of the easiest workouts to make back side muscle. As this workout doesn’t require more hard work. Just you need to give some time to it to get the proper result. But yes! do all of these exercises with patience. Without patience, you can not do anything. According to my experience patience is all about the thing that will help to make a proper muscles body. If you think you will get it within a week or month. Then it is your big mistake to think such that.


These are the steps which are included in here,


  • Firstly, Take dumbbells in your hand and steadily rise it, it should be parallel to the earth.
  • Secondly, Slowly up and downs it.
  • It will help to make proper muscle as it helps to suppression the arm muscle.
  • In some research, it is proved that proper handling of muscle is determined by this workout.

I have already said the steps which are included in this article to do better performance and make proper back muscle. This exercise is really very appreciable by the trainer to make back muscles.

#05 – The ROMANIAN DEADLIFT Exercise


This is also very important and appreciable exercise liker previous. According to me, it is really very effective as well. Both hand and leg muscle can be made by this workout. This workout is important to make back muscles as well. The proper movement of muscle is really very beneficial to make attractive back muscles.

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Here are the steps to perform ROMANIAN DEADLIFT,


  • First of all, lift the suitably weighted dumbbells.
  • With the dumbbells, you need to ups and downs for this back workout with dumbbells
  • You should have to do it more than 5 times at a time to do.
  • Proper up and down movement is necessary there to do proper exercise. Otherwise, it may affect your bone as well.

These are the steps which are required to perform this exercise. This is also a very recommendable exercise to make lower back muscle with dumbbells. So, you should try it at home to make proper body muscle that will really be very beneficial.

#06 – The LATE PULLOVER Exercise



The late pullover exercise is one of the easiest and hardest exercises according to a different individual. The reason is totally unknown why they said it is difficult. But personally, I don’t think so. The late pullover is the easiest exercise and strategic exercise to make back muscle with the dumbbells.


Here are the steps to perform LATE PULLOVER back workout with dumbbells,


  • Firstly, Sleep on the earth.
  • Then take two dumbbells in your hand.
  • Rise the dumbbells according to your capacity.
  • You just need to up and down it to make back muscles.
  • Just it, your LATE PULLOVER Exercise is done.

These are the steps which are required to do this exercise. This is the easiest exercise. Some research in Royal society has shown that this is the exercise which helps to make a proper back muscle with it also give strength your cardio muscle as well.

#07 – The WIDE ROW Exercise

The WIDE ROW Exercise

The WIDE ROW Exercise was first discovered in the UK. This is as like Narrow Row Exercise. This exercise gives you proper strength in body movement, to improve cardiac health and also to get attractive body muscles. I personally recommend this workout with Late Pullover Exercise as it is one of the most beneficial exercises.


Steps which I included in this workout are,


  • Take two dumbbells like previous.
  • Then, forward and backward it like you are pulling something.
  • Don’t do it more than 5 times at a time.
  • Otherwise, it may be effective.
  • Congratulations, you have learned about the WIDE ROW Exercise.

These 5 steps are included in this exercise. This exercise is very beneficial as it improved deeper and up[per back muscle. It was first scientifically accepted in Italy. Not only this exercise some other exercise also discovered in Italy. According to my personal opinion to do this exercise is really very effective.

#08 – The REVERSE FLY Exercise

The REVERSE FLY Exercise

The reverse fly method is like the opposite of fly method. This method is effective in backside muscle building. This method is very appreciable as this is an easy method. One can easily do it. But frequent doing may create the problem. As humor may be effected. So to avoid breaking you should aware of the movement.

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Steps which are included here are,


  • Take two dumbbells in the hand.
  • Bending is required
  • Take the hand together
  • Move the hands in the opposite directions
  • Do this exercise not more than 2 times in a day.
  • Per time 6-7 lifting is enough to get the effective result.

These are the steps to do this exercise. This is really very effective to make arm muscle and deep back muscles. People to make cardiac muscle stable also doing this. The most effective exercise is this. This exercise helps to develop the strength of humor as well.

#09 – The Weighted Pull-up Exercise

The Weighted Pull-up Exercise

This is the easiest exercise for all. All can do this exercise on his own. This is the simplest one. For this exercise you need not follow up any parameter, you just do it on your own. This exercise also deals with a number of steps that I will describe below. This exercise can improve the strength of humor and femur bone.


Here are the details of steps to do this exercise,


  • Take two dumbbells in your hand
  • Bend down and up
  • Do it three times, at a time
  • Proper movement is necessary to strengthen the muscle
  • Per day exercise is required otherwise body pain may happen

At the time of this exercise, you should have to focus that this exercise is beneficial for heart health so frequent doing may produce a reverse effect. So, you need to be aware of it. Please don’t do more than 10 times a day otherwise tour femur may be affected.

#10 – The Trap-Bar Deadlift Exercise for  Back Workout with Dumbbells

The Trap-Bar Deadlift Exercise

This is like dancing exercise. No friends I just chill. But at the time of doing it will be like you are dancing. This exercise is depending on a number of parameters. Such as pulling up two different weighted dumbbells in your hand. Rise them us. After some times down it as well. After that shake your hands gently. In one attempt it should not be more than 5-7 times. More time it should not occurs because frequent doing may affect the strength of the heart muscle and femur as well. So you need to be aware of this exercise.


Steps which deals with this exercise,


  • Bend down and pull up two dumbbells
  • Pick it up, the upper side of your head slowly
  • Don’t be panic at the time of exercise
  • Then down the dumbbells toward the deeper side
  • Hang the hands and gently shake them
  • Congratulations! you have learned about the TRAP-BAR DEADLIFT

This is one of the hardest exercises. As this exercise required a lot of attendance of mind. If you avoid a step and don’t do it properly for them may your muscle or bone has to suffer. So, you should have to properly do it. For that, you can take the help of a trainer. As I already said these are the sensitive exercise so you need to do them synthetically.



These are all about a back workout with dumbbells. This article contains a lot of data including the basic idea of an exercise, with the specification of that exercise including the procedure of such exercise. This article will help you a lot to make back muscle and look attractive.

Friends if you have any query then feel free to say us. Till then goodbye. Stay tuned for our next update. Thanks for reading dear.