Improve Your Mobility and Function With These Exercises

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Improved mobility increases your functionality. For instance, better mobility can help perform better either in sports, martial arts, or just weight training. This is especially important if you exercise regularly because the reason behind lack of achieving goals can be poor mobility rather than other reasons.

Know that improving mobility means making the joints flexible that they can move without any pain going full range of motion. This will take stress off the joints, relieving pain and put it properly on muscles. Performing mobility exercises will do the trick, so let’s have a look at how you can do that. Put on your workout shirts and shorts and get started.


Before beginning, do static stretching because it makes a good warm up routine. Whereas dynamic stretching makes a good cool down exercise. Warm up and cool down stretching is important because it helps the body transition smoothly from rest to work out and back. Moving on, try out the following stretches and exercises for better flexibility, joint strength, range of motion, and make the pain go away and you will notice the difference.

Improve Your Mobility and Function With These Exercises


According to the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, studying dynamic stretching is better than static stretching as a warm up routine. Because stretching through a movement opens up the joints and muscles better than static stretching. While static stretching is better as a cool down routine because it helps muscles get back to the rest state without having problems like blood pooling and muscle pull.


Ankle mobility

Standing besides a wall and rocking your feet back and forth. Move forward to get on your toes, then slowly shifting the weight onto the heels will increase your ankle mobility. Slowly and gradually your balance will improve and any pain will go away. This way you would have fewer chances of falling over and perform better, especially while doing free weight exercises.

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Hip mobility

The hip joint and lower back mobility is important to keep your core and body stable and strong. Warming up these muscles and joints before the workout will improve the balance and body stability.


All you have to do is stand with your feet under the shoulders. Maintain balance while you one lift one leg. Move the leg in circular motion such that the knee passes close by the chest, going back into initial position. Do the same motion but in the opposite direction, then repeat with the other leg.


Thoracic spine mobility

The area of our spine from the bottom of our neck to where the ribs end is called the thoracic spine. The mobility and flexibility of thoracic spine helps us move freely in different directions as well as move our head in all the directions it can. Poor mobility not only causes pain or itch when you move, but also causes pain and poor posture. Not addressing the problem on time can lead to worse circumstances.


Lie down on the side and get into the fetus position. Now straighten the leg on the bottom, making the top knee rest on a roller or towel. Now stretch both arms perpendicular to the chest, keeping the palms sticked together. This slowly raises the top hand towards the ceiling, rotating the upper body. Hold the position for a few seconds and repeat lying on the other side.


Shoulder mobility exercise

One of the reasons for joint pain and bad flexibility is because you exercise in bad posture. Warm up is the first step to open up the body and make the joints mobile so that you can work out with the right posture. This also prevents injury risk.

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Further to mobilize the back and shoulders, grip a stick or PVC pipe wide with palms facing downwards. Slowly raise it above the head and go as far down as you can. Hold the position for a few seconds and get back to the initial position.


Neck stretching and tilting

Poor neck mobility also causes upper back and shoulder stiffness. This is one of theĀ  most ignored parts to workout on and mobilize. To make it better stand straight and tilt the head to one side. Don’t let the chin drool towards your shoulder, slowly turn back to look straight ahead, then bring the chin to chest slowly. Get it back up and tilt to the other side. Keep the motion slow and steady, don’t put too much pressure or jerk the neck.


Bottom line

Do these exercises 5 to 10 times before the workout. Check with your doctor and have a complete examination, go see a doctor if any pain persists. Never forget warm up and cool down exercises and stretches. Never push through the pain during the workout but leave it there and rest until it disappears. Tell your trainer about pain or stiffness if you have any. You should keep the warm up and cool down to a minimum of 10 minutes to a maximum of 25 minutes. There are many more and other stretches that you can do for improving your flexibility and increasing the range of motion. Yoga is one of the good examples. Improving your mobility is good even if you do not have to or want to workout in the near future. Doing a warm up and cool down regularly before and after the workout is recommended and a good way to increase the mobility and range of motion as well as avoiding injuries.

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