Dumbbell Chest Workout – A Complete Guide for Mass Chest Development

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Before we begin the topic of a dumbbell chest workout, I strongly recommend you guys to read complete guide for deep understanding.

A proper Chest workout will help you to push a heavy object.

Working your chest muscles is a vital role when it comes to the improvement of your physique. A good chest workout plays an important role in moving the arms across the body up, down, other movements like flexion, rotation, and adduction.

If you work on your chest muscles, it results in improvement of your physique. These muscles are involved in the activities you need a whole day. They are also a large number of muscle groups, so working on it not only warms you up but also burn calories.

Dumbbell chest workout for good chest

What are the chest muscles?

The chest muscles are made up of the protocols major and minor protocols. The major protocols are the largest muscle that has two parts and the upper portion and a lower portion. The upper portion is named as clavicular and the lower is called sterna head.

The main function of the pectoral strength?

The pectoral muscle is a large muscle in the upper chest which is fanning across the chest from the shoulder to the breastbone. The pectorals are used to control the arm’s movement with contractions of pectorals to create vertical, rotational and lateral motion.


What is a Chest day workout stand for?


You should train your chest up to three non-consecutive days in a week. If you can lift heavy weights you can only complete six to eight repetitions. You need a break of at least 2-3 days of rest before you start the exercise again.

It is the reason you may only work for your chest once or twice a week. If you are aimed to tone your muscles, you need one to three sets of 12 to 16 repetitions and a day of rest before doing the workout again.

Why do you need a chest workout?

The chest includes the largest muscles in your upper body and you use those all day. When you push open a door, wash your hair, get up and down from the floor. That’s why it is important to keep the strength for your routine life.

Generally, ladies have a bit of a misconception that as we have breasts, we don’t need to train pecs. But don’t get fooled training the pecs is just important as the chest exercises for men. If you are neglecting those muscles give some time to love them.

  • Improves your posture

The posture means the back and shoulder get all the attention. A good posture is important to function properly in everyday life and performing physical exercises. The correct method of exercise is crucial as a good posture plays an important role in getting your form right.

  • Improved strength of your back muscles

These muscles keep you fit and ensure good posture. A tight chest muscle leads to your shoulder slouching. It is important to strengthen the chest muscles to stretch them as well.

  • Can lift heavy and train harder

The physical benefits of pectoral strength are great, especially if you are an athlete. Because you can easily lift heavy and train harder. It will improve the appearance of your chest muscle.

  • Change your appearance

The man who is hitting a pool on a hot day knows the value of strong pecs. They look strong and confident and attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex.

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Which exercises you should do?

Chest workout for mass do your best! There are many workouts for the chest you need to select the different exercises in order to improve your chest health. There are a variety of the direction and make sure you need to vary your routine every four to six weeks to avoid plateaus.

Chest workout at home with no equipment required

Chest workout is one of the best exercises to improve the shape of your chest. It varies as per your body as well as the amount of time executed on the exercise. It hits the different areas of your chest for balanced upper body strength.

Here are some workouts which you don’t require any equipment. These workouts help you before you start the chest workout routine.

  • Regular Pushups

It is a classic bodyweight exercise which is easy to start and trains your full as well as upper body for the workout. Make sure to use a wide grip as it helps your chest muscles more than a narrow grip technique.

  • Plyometric pushups

Are you ready to enjoy the variety of fun in a fantastic way? Just think about the clap pushups. These bursts of all power plyometric equipment will make your muscles firing on all cylinders.

  • Time under tension

Slow down the movement and pay attention to correct form, it will deliver great results. Lower your body in slow motion in the form of pushups and push back equally as the same speed in which you started it. Doing this chest workout increases your muscle mass.

  • Incline pushups

If you are a beginner start with incline pushup it may be challenging at first. The steeper the incline you need less body weight to work push. This is a great workout for your lower chest.

  • Decline pushups

Obviously what goes up, comes down. This pushup helps you target your upper chest and deltoid muscles. It adds more of your body weight as compared to a standard push-up, that makes it harder.

  • Dead Stop pushup

Working on the floor you can concentrate on strength and improves other muscle groups. You need to lie your chest on the ground and your hands must be placed outside of your armpits. Block your feet, flex your ABS and squeeze your glutes. Lift your hand and squeeze the blades together, then press down through the ground to push yourself up.

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Alice’s Chest workout

Best Chest workout with dumbbell

Alice’s Chest workout


To do this workout you make sure to execute each exercise in good form even your body starts to fatigue- keep in mind, form over speed!


  • Regular pushups -10
  • Star jumps for 60 seconds
  • Incline pushups -10
  • Star jumps 60 seconds.
  • Decline pushups -10
  • Star jumps for 60 seconds.
  • Regular pushups with time under tension.
  • Mountain climber 30

These are the great ways for a chest workout as well for your pecs and core.

Chest workout equipment required


#01 – Decline dumbbell fly

Decline dumbbell fly at home

Decline dumbbell fly

To do this dumbbell chest workout adjust your bench in angle and put the pair of dumbbell on the floor near your head or either side. Lie on your back on the bench and take the weights in each hand. Pressing the weights, stretch your arms upward and make sure to keep your palm facing each other.

Lower down your back, bend your elbows slightly and follow a wide arc until you feel pulled to your chest. Keep your chest muscle tight so that it creates tension in your pics slowly bring your arms to its original position.

#02 – Dumbbell Floor press

best use of Dumbbell Floor press at gym

Dumbbell Floor press

Hold the pair of a dumbbell with an overhead grip to start this best chest workout. Sit briefly before you lie down flat on your back on the surface. You can keep a mat on the floor to take an added comfort.

Bend your elbows to form a 90-degree angle and position your feet on the floor. If your shoulders come down it means that your weight is too heavy and you need to take a lighter dumbbell.

#03 – Flat dumbbell bench press

Flat dumbbell bench press workout tips

Flat dumbbell bench press

First of all, you need to lie down on a flat bench and hold the dumbbell in each hand. Keep your hands shoulder-width apart so that you can hold the dumbbell on either side of your chest. Your arms must create a 90-degree angle and face away from you.

Squeeze your chest muscles to create some tension in your body when you are pressing weights up.

#04 – Cable Fly

How to do cable fly chest workout

cable fly

Attach the two stirrup handles to a high-pulley cable of a cable crossover station. Take one handle in each hand and stand in the middle of that station. Make sure your arms must be overstretched but slightly bent. Lean forward slightly at your hips, do not round your back. Bring your hand together without changing the bend in your arms. Slowly reverse this movement.

#05 – Neck Bench press

Neck Bench press workout and exercise at home

Neck Bench press

Lie on the bench with a spotter behind you, hold a barbell above your neck. Keep your shoulder blades together, lower the bar in a slow and controlled manner to your upper chest, which is just above your lower neck and collarbone. Take a pause and then press it overhead.

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#06 – Weighted Pushup

Weighted Pushup for men chest workout

Weighted Pushup

Imagine a pushup wearing weight or a sandbag over your upper back. You can drag a weight plate balanced on your upper back. Your arms must be straight and hand slightly wider than your shoulders. Lower your body with bending elbows until your chest nearly touches the floor. Pause, then push your body back up.

#07 – Chest squeeze pushup

Chest squeeze pushup for chest workout

Chest squeeze pushup

Take two dumbbells and put them parallel to each other. Assume a standard pushup and grab a handle with each hand. Your arms must be straight and your body should be in the form of a straight line from your ankles to your head.

Press the weights together and lower your body until your body touches the dumbbells. Push your body back and so on. Remember not to stop squeezing the dumbbells together.

#08 – Batwing Fly

How to do Batwing Fly Dumbbell Chest Workout

Batwing Fly

Just sit on an incline bench with dumbbells in your hands. Start the workout with the weights held in your hands at your pecs. Make your chest, strong with a natural arch in the lower back. Straight your arms on each side, make sure the chest should be in a strong position. Wait for a count with your arms extended and stretch the muscles.

#09 – Half kneeling chest press

How to do Half kneeling chest press

Half kneeling chest press

Kneel with your one leg forward in front of a cable machine. Grab the cable with the hand on which side knee on down in the ground. By keeping your core tight and your up-knee straight, press the cable out in front of your chest. When you return your arm back to the starting point, avoid turning with the cable.

#10 – Close grip bench press

Close grip bench press workout for chest development

Close grip bench press

Lift more weight with a barbell as they are more stable as compared to a dumbbell. It is the most joint-friendly barbell variation of a bench press. This is to be done by using an overhead trip a bit narrower than shoulder width. Just hold a barbell above your sternum with your arms, keeping them straight. Lower the bar towards your chest and hold the same for one second. Then press the bar up.

#11 – Band or Chain Barbell Bench Press

Band or Chain Barbell Bench Press for mass chest workout

Band or Chain Barbell Bench Press

Simply hang a chain over each of the barbell, or anchor resistance band to the bench and put them over each end on the bar.  Start it without any weight so that you get used to the unstable bar. Grab the barbell and just lie on the bench. Use an overhead grip which is just beyond shoulder width, hold this bar above your sternum and your arms must be straight. Lower the bar towards your chest and push it back to the initial position.

Points to keep in mind before a workout

When it comes to a fitness routine, the time spends in a gym get all the credit. Going for a walk, jog, lift weights or do CrossFit for an hour. You will know the results to impact your progress and results.

A workout is the easiest and simplest part of the fitness routine. Here are some important points which you keep in mind before starting a fitness routine.

  • Get enough good quality sleep

Before you start a fitness program make sure you have enough sleep. Getting seven hours of sleep is required for a fitness workout.

  • Hydrate yourself

Water plays an important role in our lives, especially in a fitness routine. Hydration boosts your energy level, water is like for a body as petrol is to a car.

  • Wear the right clothes and footwear

You will be able to run, jump, stretch and get certain position during your workout. Wearing the right clothes results in an enjoyable workout.

Keep a track of your workout

Keeping a track of your workout will help you to challenge yourself each time.


Wrapping all up the strong pectoral muscle is more than simply looking good. A strong chest has many benefits. Training and stretching your pectoral muscles is important should be a part of your fitness regime. Nothing is over until you stop trying!

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