PiYo Workout Moves To Get Strong Glutes: 30 Min Piyo Buns Workout

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We all are aware of the proverb that health is wealth. But at present, the trending quote is Slim is wealth. Irrespective of whether you are thin or fat all are working hard to maintain their diet and be slim. Many weight loss centers are available through the world which advertises that they can change the shape of your body from a carry bag to a pencil. Have you ever thought that about the procedure they follow to reduce the weight loss to Piyo workout?

Most of the girls wish to wear tops, jeans, sleeveless dresses and so on as we are about to enter into the fashionable world. Due to their weight, they may not be able to wear all types of dresses. If you are one among the fat, then don’t worry. We have come forward with a new topic today which helps you to reduce your wealth and stay healthy.

People even hesitate to walk on the streets due to their weight. Are you looking forward to having strong glutes, reduce back pain, improve your athletic performance, to receive better posture, and increase your total body strength, then Piyo workout is the right choice for you all. Let us know what exactly it is.

Best piyo workout and piyo buns moves

What is Piyo workout?

Piyo Buns or Piyo workout is half an hour (30 minutes) lower body workout which is a part of the Yoga and Pilates created by Trainer Chalene Johnson. The workout incorporates a wide range of exercises of lungs and squats which aid you to tone your glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps.

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Piyo combines the muscle sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility of yoga. The best part is they effectively put their efforts to deliver true fat-burning, low-impact workout which helps your body to be fit.

Piyo is not as a standard Pilates and yoga classes which makes to do exercises and movements continuously. The weight loss takes place in a very fast manner by introducing you to various dynamic and flowing sequences that can burn calories and make your muscles be stronger and increase your flexibility.No matter how fat or in which age you are Piyo welcomes all and produce fruitful results.

Benefits of Piyo Workout

What are the benefits of having strong glutes?

Glutes help to stabilize and control the movement of the pelvis and thighs, as well as to extend the size of the ship (when you run or stand). We all may observe the extension of hips when you sit for a long time. If you are the one who sits over the chair, then it is quite sure that your glutes become weak and undergo the hip extension.

The muscles which take part in the hip extension are the psoas which becomes overactive and enlarges them. The combination of the weak glutes and tight psoas makes the pelvis to bend forward which results in the back pain.

Strengthing your glutes are very important to reduce the hip size and back pain. Strong glutes also boost you to boost your academic performance and help correct muscle imbalance.

Do you want to jump higher? Run Faster? Want to be slim? Then don’t miss leg day! Strengthing the glutes aids to solve all your problems

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To get strong glutes, we have to follow a few workout moves as mentioned below.


#1 Narrow Squat:

Narrow Squat piyo workout

Narrow Squat

Steps to be followed

  • Stand with your arms at your side and keep your feet parallel with at least 4 to 5 inches apart.
  • Keep your chest up, abs occupied, and weight on your heels, push your hips back and lower as much as you can.
  • As soon as you squat down, bring your hands together in front of the chest.
  • Return to the starting position, lower your hands back to your sides. Repeat the above process ten times.

#2 Sumo squat:

Sumo squat piyo workout

Sumo squat

  • Stand with your feet wider than the shoulders, and rotate your feet outside slowly.
  • Keep your chest up, abs engaged, and weight on your heels push your hip back, bend your knees, and lower your body to the extent which you feel better
  • As you squat down to bring your hands together in front of your chest. Return to the starting position and follow the same steps ten times

#3 Pulsing Lunges:

Pulsing Lunges

Pulsing Lunges

  • Place your hands on the hip and stand tall with your feet.
  • Keep your chest up, abs engaged, step back with your left leg, lower your body until the front thigh is identical to the ground. Don’t let your rear knee touch the floor. Pulse thrice and then return to the starting position and repeat the process with the right leg.

#4 Bowlers:

Bowlers piyo workout move


  • Place your hands on the hip and stand tall with your feet.
  • Keep your chest up, abs engaged, step back with your left leg crossing it behind your right leg as you swing your right arm back and left arm up.
  • Lower your body until the front part of the thigh is parallel to the ground
  • Pulse thrice and then return to the starting position, tap the floor with your left foot before going to start again.
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#5 Leg Lifts:

Leg Lifts piyo and buns workout move

Leg Lifts

  • Get your hands and knees with the help of your hands directly below your shoulders and knees directly before the hips.
  • Keep your back flat; abs engaged lift your left leg and extended it to straight behind you it should be parallel to the floor.
  • Now change the direction move it left, and bring as close to perpendicular to your body.
  • Move it back behind you and bend your knee. While moving back make sure that your hip doesn’t touch the floor. Do repeat the same process.

The above points are the few workouts which we have to follow for the strong glutes. We recommend you to watch the videos on YouTube once for a better understanding of the workout. We all have to thank the creator of Piyo workout, who found easier steps for weight loss. I hope that the article was helpful. Have a good day guys. Always keep smiling and make others smile.