Everything You Need to Know About Deep Tissue Massage

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Taking a regular massage will refresh your whole body and make you active all day long. Effective massage therapy will release your body pain and fatigue noticeably. Among various massage genres, deep tissue massage is highly beneficial for the body.

In this article, we’re going to discuss everything you need to know about deep tissue massage. You will have the best outcome by knowing the ins and outs of the tissue massage. Let’s dive into the context.

deep tissue massage

What is a deep-tissue massage?

It is the most effective massage for the human body. It works on the deeper layer of muscle tissue. Also, deep tissue massage is beneficial enough for the protective layer of joints and muscles called fascia. It will release the chronic aches and pain of your body.

Furthermore, by dint of deep tissue massage, your stress hormones and heart rate will be reduced. As it can release oxytocin and serotonin, therefore, you will have the best relaxation and comfort after having a successful massage session.

Benefits of deep tissue massage

Having taken deep tissue massage, you will feel thoroughly active and refreshed. It will break up scar tissue and muscle knots to offer you flawless movement. You will have fast blood circulation into your body and get recovered from various issues regarding your body. Let’s talk about the benefits of deep tissue massage elaborately.

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●      Reduce lower back pain

Some problems are comparative to the human body. Lower back pain is one of them. Most of the people in this universe suffer in this disorder severely. Sometimes it makes the human body unable to move. Taking deep tissue massage is the best remedy for this critical problem. It will create pressure on your muscles, joints, and hard to reach places to increase blood circulation and remove lower back pain.

●      Recover injury

It is scientifically proven for recovering injury. If you have stress and soreness into your body, the deep tissue massage will relieve those within a short period. Your whole body will be fit as before after a short time workout. As it produces much pressure to reach deeper tissue, therefore, you will get resolved from the injury and muscle tension at ease. No doubt, deep tissue massage is beneficial for injury rehabilitation.

●      Increase mobility

It will accelerate the movement of your body through stripping and friction techniques. It will boost the mobility of your limbs and enable you to move around faster than before. Apply much pressure; it will speed up the contact between the limbs and ultimately increase your mobility.

●      Improve blood circulation

If you ask what’s the core benefit of taking deep tissue massage or other therapy? The answer will be blood circulation improvement. It’s apparent to all that taking massage increases blood circulation of the human body noticeably. As a result, the human body finds the best strength and support to be active all along.  This therapy will change your lifestyle and overall posture by improving blood circulation most effective than other massages.

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●      Reduce osteoarthritis pain and postural problem

As a human, you can’t avoid osteoarthritis pain and postural problem. These will attack you often on the way of your life. Sometimes these will cause you terrible and bring you in the danger zone. But if you take proper footsteps in the early days, you could get relief from those epidemic disorders. In this case, taking deep tissue massage regularly can aid you most. It will release the postural problem and reduce osteoarthritis pain by applying pressure on the targeted layer.

●      Release fatigue

With the massive pressure works, you may feel bored. You may look gloomy with the attack of fatigue. But if you take deep tissue massage, it will offer you a refreshed world by releasing fatigue. It will make both of your body and mind active and enthusiastic. You will find a thoroughly new taste of life with an intense deep tissue massage.

Techniques of deep tissue massage

The massagerhouse blog wants to notify you about the techniques of deep tissue massage to execute it effectively. If you fail to accomplish it correctly, all of your efforts will go in vain. So, you must know the tactics of taking deep tissue massage.


  • You may don’t like to be exposed fully, but if you want to have a successful massage session, you must get off clothes from where the massage will be taken.
  • Now it’s time to apply massage oil across your body. Your therapist will use oil on the back first and spread out oil on the whole body subsequently. He/She will use a broad stroke to oiling your body as it helps to melt the oil.
  • In this stage, the therapist will start gliding on your skin gently. It’s the crucial stage of deep tissue massage as it will release the pain, soreness, and fatigue from your body.
  • The therapist will keep massaging with fingers for a long time. He/She will spread fingers apart and massage the muscles, joints, and knots of your body. This process will be ongoing until the pressure gets into the deeper layer of your muscles.
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Side effects of deep tissue massage

There are some side effects of deep tissue massage. You must have a sharp sense to avoid the accidental causes of deep tissue massage. First of all, if you have blood clots, deep tissue massage is not ideal. Besides, if you’re recovering from surgery, you should stay away from taking this massage.

As it creates much pressure on the body, therefore, it might be dangerous to the injured area of the body. To have the best outcome, you have to stay away from taking massage while you’re not thoroughly fit.

Final words

It can be said, for keeping the human body fit and strong, taking deep tissue massage is crucial. It will rescue you from pain, soreness, and fatigue. Also, it will increase your blood circulation and improve your movement. If you want to have a successful massage session, you must keep in mind all the basic information about deep tissue massage.