5 Things You Need to Know Before You Have a Colostomy

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Are you ready to get an ostomy? If so, the idea of having a bag connected to your abdomen can seem daunting. However, it may be something that might not be troublesome if you conceal your colostomy bag with a cover. In most cases, most people will not even notice that you have it unless you let them know. Some people may not be bothered while others may show concern.

If you do little and have a colostomy, you may adjust and live with it. Most doctors will offer you detailed instructions on what you need to do.

In the meantime, here are five things you need to understand about having the colostomy before the procedure.

conceal your colostomy bag with a cover

  1. The Surgery

In most instances, the surgery will happen a couple of days after the assessment, which will not allow you enough time to deal with it. Just before the procedure, you will need to clean your bowels.

Luckily, most nurses will help you cope with the process and make it comfortable. They will consult and talk to you about the ostomy. Also, you will be taught how to clean and take care of the stoma. If you want any questions answered, you will be helped. After the surgery is complete, painkillers will be given, and you will have to rest for a few days. During your rest days, you will have to stand and walk from time to time.

  1. Knowing How the Bag Functions

Several colostomy items are 2-pouch. The bag will have a flange that is made of rubber that will be linked to your skin above the pouch and stoma. The pouch is little and is connected to the flange. It ensures stool is collected.

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You will have access to numerous forms available. So, if you want to use the one that will work for you, you should try several types. The nurse will help you by offering more details about the pouch. You will know where to get the necessary supplies you require, how to take a bath while still having the bag, and how to change it. You will not be told but shown how to do the essential things.

  1. Removing the Bag

Before you change the pouch, you should make sure you have the necessary things before you start. You can take advantage of one hand while supporting the skin as you slowly bring the bag before you clean.

You can choose to get rid of the waste in the bag and rinse before you dispose of it.

If you want to have a new bag, you can clean the stoma area and dry it for a few minutes. You can remove the plastic that covers the pouch from the flange, ensure the bag fits, and then make it smooth. Keep in mind that there should be no creases because of potential leaks.

  1. Making Sure the Stoma is Clean

The stoma should be cleaned consistently. The process is straightforward and easy. The ET nurse will help you show how to do it.

In most cases, you will have to utilize warm water and dry tissue to clean the stoma. Don’t make a mistake and rub. You will have to dry skin with the tissue. You will use the required measures and don’t rub them. After you’re finished, you will throw away the tissues and clean your hands.

  1. Living a Comfortable Life with the Pouch

It would be best if you did not tell most people about the pouch, but in your job, you may need to keep away from tasks involving lifting heavy items that require several washroom breaks to maintain the bag.

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If you’re considering keeping the pouch a secret, you need to wear baggy pants and loose tops. Always ensure you are cautious about allowing children on pets to play with your lap where the bag is. If you decide to travel, make sure you’re carrying extra goods in case of an emergency.

If you are traveling by air, you should not pack all the goods in a suitcase. Also, be alert on what you eat before traveling. If you’re concerned about fouls smell, you can buy solid and liquid products that can help. It will assist you when you change the bag in most cases.

When you’re used to a colostomy, it won’t be challenging to adjust and live with it. It is possible to live a healthy life with a colostomy. That’s why you need to listen to the nurses if you want to live a healthy life.