Ashley Graham Weight Loss – How Much Weight did Graham lose?

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Ashley Graham is an American Modal. She is well known as a founder of ALDA.

ALDA is an organization which influences the positive mindset of your body.

Ashley Graham Weight Loss 2019

She was only one plus-size model who was featured on the cover page of ‘Vogue.’ Ashley was also featured on the cover page of Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle. Ashley was famous for being a successful Model. Friends, today I am going to discuss the journey of Ashley Graham weight loss.


So, friends, this article is going to be very informative and productive. So, read this article till the end.

Who is Ashley Graham

Who is Ashley Graham?

Ashley Graham is a successful plus-size model. She is famous due to her work. Ashley entered into the Modelling industry at the age of 12, 2003. Her first modelling bond was signed up with Wilhelmina Models.

Then she started a golden journey of life. But, the problem was her heavyweight. So, she was criticized by critics. But, Ashley had pretty confident in her work. So, she made a lot of records as well.


She was the first model who featured on the cover page of ‘Illustrated.’ Her record is very remarkable and appreciable. Different stages of persons appreciate her work.


Ashley graham is confident after weight loss

Ashley is super confident in her own skin

Ashley is super confident in her own skin. In recent time she posts a photo on Instagram without make-up. After encountering that photo, you may think it would be the best photo of her.

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In the first few years of her career, she was on the first page of many Magazines. She also got chances in many of American TV shows. Ashley was also a judge in the top Model reality show, namely ‘America’s Next Top Model.’


Ashley also speaks in the annual function of her high school about body positivity. She also added that she is a strong supporter of a healthy life. According to her, you have to live for yourself as what you think is more important than what another thinks about you.

Ashley Graham Weight Loss
Ashley Graham’s Weight Loss & diet plan

For losing her weight, Graham used to eat healthy foods like fresh fruits, veggies, lean protein, and healthy fat. But she also revealed to us that she used to eat whatever she wanted.

  • At the time of breakfast, she used to eat Ginger, lemon, apple and, parsley
  • At the time of lunch, she used to eat rice boiled with veggies.
  • And, at the time of Dinner, she used to eat Arugula and, sweet potato.
  • As for snacks, she used to eat Chocolate.

Apart from these tight diet schedules, Ashley keeps her fit by proper workout.

Ashley Graham Workout Plan

Ashley Graham Workout Plan

If you open Ashley’s Instagram Handel, then you will get to watch out her working out photography. She was trained by Dawin Pena. She used to do various exercise to reduce her belly fat and fats in the hands or, legs.


Ashley used to do Cross fit Workout in her house. It gave her fruitful result to her. Lower chest workout helped her to get curvy chest.

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She also used to go aerial stretching classes regularly; it gave her a flexible body. Kickboxing was her favorite exercise. She told in an interview that kickboxing helped to burn her body weight.

Ashley Graham weight loss diet plan
Ways to be sexier like Ashley Graham


It is nothing but a positive attitude and determination helps to be whatever you want.


Eat Healthy: Ashley used to do healthy eating as part of her life. So, she secured all energy and enthuses at the time of the workout.


If you eat the clean and organic product, then you can easily protect yourself from a various fatal disease, including Cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, and, diabetes as well.


Positive Mindset: Yes! Positive mindset always pays you. If you blame yourself for your body then you will not get effective result. Think positive that everything will occur correctly and adequately.


If you concentrate and, work on your problem, then every problem will be solved out. So, a positive mindset and attitude are necessary every time.


Workout: Keep your body working at about three days in seven days of a week. You need to enjoy your workout. Don’t think it is a punishment.


Here workout means whatever you want to do or, interest. It includes a long walk, run, yoga and, kickboxing, etc.


Enjoy cheat meal day: You should enlist a cheat meal day at the interval of 15 days in your diet schedule. At that day you can eat whatever you want. Eat more 500 calories extra on that day.

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It will prevent your weight loss from plateauing. By the way, for that, you will not your foods without guilt.


Do what you love: You can do what you love. If you love running, then run for a while. If you like to eat food, then do it maintaining the schedule. Do whatever you want.


It will leave the pressure from you. You can make your life more pleasurable and attractive.


Proper sleep: Proper sleep is necessary for reducing weight. According to Ashley, she used to get 7-8 hours of sleep. It helped her lot to a glowing skin and, also gives a stable mindset to her.


So, negative thought will be removed out from your mind, and you will get a pleasurable life.





Friends, this is all about the Ashley Graham weight loss. This article provides you a lot of data, including the diet schedule, to reduce your weight like Ashley.


This article also motivates you ‘to do what you want to do.’  If you do what you want to do, then you will be the most cheerful person in the world. Then everything will be easy for you.


Friends I hope you like this article if you like then please share this article with your friends. Stay tuned for the next update. Thanks for reading.