Top 5 Benefits of Exercise Bikes with Moving Arms

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Exercise bikes with moving handles are a great fitness option for home workouts. They are also referred to as dual-action exercise bikes since they give both upper and lower body workout. Fitness bikes with moving handles come in three basic types namely: group exercise cycles, arm ergometers, and air-resistance upright bikes. Whichever the choice, you are guaranteed of the following benefits:

Exercise Bikes with Moving Arms

1. Increased Calorie Burn


Unlike conventional bikes, exercise bikes with moving arms involve more muscles. This increases the calories burnt in an exercise, making it lucrative for weight loss. Bikes with moving arms make use of upper body muscles as well as the lower body muscles as a person pedals. This boosts the intensity of workouts, therefore, increasing the benefits of exercise compared to normal bike cycling.


It’s no surprise therefore that these bikes have become all the rage in 2020. If you want to intensify your daily work out sessions, you will find them ideal, compared to a simple bike. Depending on how intense your workout program is, you could burn over 600 calories in an hour with this exercise bike. Burning more calories than you consume is the key to weight loss and with this indoor cycling machine that has moving handles, you can achieve the body of your dreams faster.


2. Boosts Cardio Fitness.


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A stationary exercise bike may not be ‘quite enough’ for whole-body fitness, since the lower body is subjected to intense work out while the upper body is neglected.  Luckily, with dual exercise bikes, you can engage your entire body, which enhances cardio conditioning. Cycling may be great in getting the heart pumping but cardiovascular exercises that involve the upper body are better at strengthening the lungs, heart, and muscles. They also improve oxygen flow throughout the body.


3. Great at Building Strength and Toning the Body.


Dual riders are also great at building the strength of all muscles in the body and toning the entire body. Ever seen a cycler with such great legs but poor upper bodies? Well, dual exercise bikes take care of such problems since they promote dynamic movements, which work the muscles at the core and abs. As long as you match your exercises with a proper diet, exercise bikes with moving handles will help reach your fitness goals.


4. Allows for Interval Training


Interval training involves short periods of very intense workouts mixed with longer periods of less intense workouts. With such a bike, there are varying resistance levels from high to medium and low. This way, users can program their interval training sessions to burn more calories in a short time.


5. Safer than Outdoor Cycling.


Apart from being insufficient for whole-body workouts, outdoor road cycling comes with one major disadvantage: Accidents. From poor visibility to uneven road surfaces, pedestrians, and inattentive drivers, the list of potential hazards is endless. Furthermore, outdoor cycling and going to the gym are highly dependent on the weather. With an indoor movable handles bike, there is no need for such concerns. The temperature is constant in a safe conducive environment.

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Dual-action handlebar exercise bikes are a great addition to the home of any fitness enthusiast. They are extremely beneficial in keeping fit and are versatile, coming with many full-body features, including cardio and strength training all-in-one!