Jenna Jameson Weight Loss – How She Lost 80 Pounds Successfully?

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Jenna Jameson Weight Loss Journey 2020: Jenna Jameson 44 years old is a famous adult entertainment performer shared the photos to inspire the people can wear whatever they want. In order to prove the body’s positivity she posted her pictures in an itty bitty bikini before and after weight loss.

By posting before and after photos of Keto diet she celebrated her one year on Keto Diet. Her latest post on Instagram proves that how successfully she cut 80 pounds body weight. She captioned the post by mentioning that she never felt better.

Jenna stated that Keto lifestyle and intermittent fasting is the appropriate method when it comes to healthy sustainable fitness journey.

Jenna Jameson Weight loss journey

Jenna Jameson’s Journey of Weight Loss

She welcomed her daughter Batel on April 72017, and planned an epic post-baby weight loss plan. She started to share her weight loss journey on Instagram, by showing before and after photos.

The Instagram account of Jenna shows real setbacks, frustrations and belly flab photos and inspiration. On November 5 2018,Jena the mom of three revealed her secret of 80 pounds weight loss.

Jenna is able to write a book on the Keto diet. She continuously shared her pictures on Instagram without mentioning the tips and tricks of the diet. Later in her post, she gave a play-by-play how she switched to Keto diet.

The weight loss journey of Jenna started from reorganizing of her refrigerator and pantry. She completely kept out the processed and packed food from her kitchen. She started reading the ingredients list of her favorite foods. And surprised to know how manufacturers hide the corn syrup, potato starch and other fillers, sugar etc. from the ingredients list.

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Jenna Jameson loosing weight keto diet

Jenna Jameson new higher calorie Keto Diet meal plan

You can simply lose weight but it may be an unhealthy way due to which you may fall sick. The thickness should not equate to sick, in case of Jenna it was.

Jena explained that when she was 80 lbs she was starving herself. But staying healthy is an important feature of our body. So that doesn’t stress how you look in the mirror. Now the question arises where do, I start first when it comes to Keto diet.

She explained get right in your mind stay positive and visualize success. Stay away from the sugary and processed food. Consider sugar as a poison and refuse to eat the same. Buy whole foods or shop foods from Trader Joe’s.

Simply follow if it is a whole food without a chemical it is good to eat. Eat organic and grass-fed to invest in your inside.

Jenna Jameson Loss 80 Pounds with Keto Diet

What is the Food menu of Jenna Jameson?

She updated menu captioned #mondaymotivation and shared her full day’s menu on a Keto diet.

  • After waking up at8 a.m. Jenna takes a regular coffee with stevia and sugar-free Italian sweet cream creamer.
  • In her breakfast at 11 a.m. she takes 3 hard-boiled eggs and a full avocado. She sprinkles the Bagel seasoning on everything.
  • Lunch at 2 p.m. she cooks a steak in a pan with avocado oil and serves it over arugula.
  • The snacks time is 4 p.m. she takes a cup of cottage cheese.
  • In the evening snacks, she makes salmon in the oven using lemon butter and dill and pairs this with broccoli/asparagus.
  • 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. Jenna do fasting but drinks water or tea if she feels hungry.
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Jenna eats kosher so she doesn’t eat dairy and meat together. Though she is a breastfeeding mom parental vitamin is a part of her daily meal. She prefers whole organic food and stays away from Keto bread and snacks.

Jenna Jameson weight loss keto diet

Jenna Jameson’s weight loss tips for beginners?

Jenna Jameson’s also mentioned the mental health on Instagram. She opened her weight loss journey one must feel strong in order to lose weight. In order to conquer abuse, addiction, PTSD and depression one must feel confident.

Be strong mentally to lose weight

Previously she found yoga was boring and annoying, but now she enjoys yoga before anyone is awake. There is no doubt that self-care means different for everyone, going to regular runs, mediation, taking a few beats to just breathe everyday is an integral part of your overall wellness.

Eat clean to stay lean

Jenna completely gives credit to clean food for cutting her belly fat. After the delivery, she wants to delete the fat. Then she found Keto diet is the best way to cut belly fat. Getting rid of sugar, processed food and unneeded carbohydrates is a great trick.

Flexible Keto diet

Keto diet helps you to gain and lose weight. Taking high-protein, low –carb plan for your flexibility. Keto can be easily manipulated you can easily gain weight by just adding caloric intake.

Make a kid-proof cooking plan

Meal for kids without excessive carbs is not easy. It makes sure that you can enjoy the food together. She makes spaghetti Bolognese for kids and she eats this dish with zucchini noodles.

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Compare your skin in before and after pictures

The Keto diet helps not only to lose weight but also impact the inflammation of your body. Eating whole food next to zero processed makes the skin better. Jenna noticed that her joints don’t ache anymore.

Do whatever works for you

Don’t make others to make a plan for you, trust your intuition and be prepared for the same. Keto works for a long time for Jenna there is no time like the present to get healthy.

Eat homemade food

Jenna rarely eats outside according to her when you know what are you putting to your body makes you positive. She loses a huge amount of weight by cooking her own meals.

Click before and after pictures from every angle

If you are thinking to follow the Keto diet take the jumping off pictures. Start a practical work on your weight loss mission. Clean out your kitchen of garbage processed food that helps you in building and healthy body.

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Overcome fear

Everyone fears failing at losing weight, but without trying you never win. Try to convince yourself that you can do it and you will.

Keep a regular check on your progress

Cut out the bread, potatoes, rice, refined sugar etc. only put the homemade foods in your body is the great way to lose weight fast.

Initially set the small expectations

Initially, Jena started implementing a little diet plans like she doesn’t eat after 6 pm. She has planted a seed to get the success by setting a small goal which she achieved later.

Jenna stated that sticking to the Keto diet is a crucial part when it comes to the Keto diet. You also need support from your family. The man behind her weight loss success is LiorBitton her husband.