Mirror, Tonal and Tempo Home Gym Workouts

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There has been a notable increase in demand for home gym systems, and we’ll talk about why in a moment. What is of particular interest is that more people are buying smart gyms for the home. What are smart gyms and why should you know about them?

If you imagine a few years back you would have built a home gym by buying some weights, a bench and a couple of basic machines. Possibly some pull-up bars, too, and whatever other equipment you liked to use. Now, a smart gym brings all of this together in one clever machine that may or may not include some of that equipment.

If you check out this article at Fit Healthy Momma you’ll see it talks about the three most popular smart gyms and what they’re all about. These are known as Mirror, Tonal and Tempo, and we’ll look at each briefly later on. First, let’s find out why the gym scene has changed towards home instead of the gym itself.

Home Gym Workouts

How the Scene has Changed

There’s a one simple reason why people are cancelling their gym memberships and investing in home equipment. This is the undeniable influence of coronavirus on home gym popularity showing its face. People have been forced to change their lifestyles beyond anything outside of wartime, and the result has had a massive effect on gyms and other remote services.

Unable to travel to their regular gym your average homeowner who has a workout routine is now looking at a home gym system or, in fact, has already invested in one. The fact that the covid-19 crisis coincided with the appearance of these clever new smart gyms has simply enhanced their popularity.

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Indeed, home gyms are not the only by-product of the crisis – more people than ever will be more likely to spend at least part of their working hours at home in the virtual office – but what is interesting is that having a home gym not only inspired you to enjoy a bit of exercise more often, but it also encourages all the family to get involved.

So, what should you know about the three most popular smart gym systems, and which would be best for you? Our final section looks at this in brief, but we strongly recommend you read the full review at Fit Healthy Momma we linked you to above for more information and detailed specifications.

Mirror, Tonal or Tempo?

As we have seen, the boom in demand for home gyms has encouraged homeowners to invest in home gym systems, especially home smart gyms. The top three – Mirror, Tonal and Tempo – are not a cheap investment as each will set you back four figures. However, they are a worthwhile long-term investment when you consider the cost against that of an annual gym membership and the cost of travel to and from the gym itself. Also factor in that you and anyone in the household can use it at any time and you’ll soon see the benefit of converting that spare room or garage into a usable gym space.

Which is best? The simple fact is that Mirror, Tonal and Tempo are all very good smart gyms with the same basic features and are distinguished mainly by minor details that you will find in the review we mentioned and the price. Bear in mind that these are primarily eight oriented machines so you may wish to couple one with a set of other equipment to complete your home gym. As a final word we will say these three systems have changed home workouts for ever, and we expect more competition in this relatively new market.

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