4 Exercises That Reduce Back Pain – Checkout Back Pain Exercises

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Back pain is common nowadays owing to the tremendous amount of strenuous exercises. Do you know even the chair people use can precipitate back pains and make people suffer at night? Some people think it’s fatigue so they end up taking pain killers or even smoke some weed or use CBD products for pain. That is a good way but when one Does Panera drug test it might turn positive. To help yourself get relief from the back pain, here are some of the exercises that you can do.

4 Exercises That Reduce Back Pain

Do Some Bridges to Reduce Back Pain

One of the causes of the back pain is muscle spasms. These are normally muscles straining after being aggravated. If you do the bridges exercises, you will be able to eliminate spasms. How do you do bridge exercises? Just lie flat on the floor and keep your feet flat. Put your hands by your side and then lift your buttocks upwards. Move your buttocks and up and down for about 15 times and you will feel the difference. Every set of 15 times, you can then rest a minute and repeat. Doing this exercise on a regular basis makes the back muscles to be in good form and flexible.

The Drawing in Maneuver

This is one of the exercises that improves the wellness of the back muscles. It eliminates muscle rigidity at the lower abdomen and also improves blood circulation to the back muscles making you enjoy an excellent outcome. To do the exercise, lie flat on the floor with your feet flat as well. Spread your hands and lie flat on your stomach while facing down. You should then breath in heavily and hold your breath for five seconds. Ensure your abdominal muscles are engaged so that the impact reaches the back muscles.

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Leg Raises

There is a hip abductor muscle that is responsible for raising your leg to the lateral direction. These muscles are the ones that provide balancing when you run, jump or even stand. When they are affected, lower back pain may result in and this is not good for your wellbeing. Laterally leg raises can help to cure them so that you live a healthy life at all times. Lie on either side and keep your leg slightly bent. Draw in air and then raise your leg. You will realize that the abductor muscles and lower back muscles are somehow stressed. Repeating this exercise and being consistent on it could reduce a lot of back pain.

Do the Superman Exercises

Because back extensors run along your spine, you can do these exercises to straighten these muscles. First lie flat on the floor with your legs straight and feet flat. You will then be required to extend your arms in front of your head in such a manner that they become straight with your legs. Raise both legs and hands simultaneously until a level of six inches off the ground. Once you feel there is a stretch in back muscles, you can then relax.


The above exercises are known to engage your back muscles so that they become active. They even strengthen the nerves thereby making you have a perfect back health. You can as well do some chiropractic services because they also enhance back health. The vertebral disks are also enhanced making them not to dislocate easily. On top of the above exercises, ensure you don’t always bend because bending increases staining to the back and this might lead to a lot of pain on your back. Be consistent and you will notice the most outstanding results.

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