What to Pack in a Gym Bag? 15 Gym Bag Essentials

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Starting going to the gym is a feat in itself. But when you get there and realize you forgot to bring something, is a bummer. To help you mitigate such issues,we are providing you with a guideline that will help you keep your bag stocked for emergencies.

Having the right bag

What to Pack in a Gym Bag?

Having the right kind of tote is important for people who visit the gym often. It has to be spacious enough to take care of the things you will need in the gym. Get a decent enough tote that will help you in your day-to-day life as well. Get a tote that can fold up into a very small size when you need it to.

What to Pack in a Gym Bag

A good water bottle that’s easy to wash

  • Make sure you get a good water bottle with good enough capacity and spill-proof Make sure it doesn’t break easily or get damaged. Choosing the right kind of bottle is necessary and having one that requires less maintenance is also imperative. There are many great water bottles out there. You should be looking into those ones that are targeted toward sports and gym fanatic.

Keep antiperspirant wipes with you

  • Having these will save you from the sin of smelling like a toilet when you are working out like crazy. Skip the troubles and get a pack of these to avoid smelling like a wild animal. They don’t leak and are super small allowing you to have a million of them in your bag if you need to.
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Grab an extra pair of socks on your Gym Bag

  • Wearing socks that’re drenched in sweat is super uncomfortable and having an extra pair will come in handy when you are at the gym. Get a pair that’s good for working out having good ventilation and a cushioned ankle tab.

Stash a compact umbrella on your Gym bag

  • For obvious reasons having an umbrella is always great. One of the things you do not say no to? Umbrellas. Since the weather can be uncertain sometimes having an umbrella will save you from catching a cold or a fever in the rainy days.


  • You are in the gym and you didn’t bring your sneakers. The horror! You cannot go through spin classes without shoes. When packing your gym bag always pack your sneakers first and then you can worry about the other things you will need. What I do sometimes is repacking the bag with my sneakers right after returning home. In this case, having more than a set of sneakers is really helpful and you should have more than a pair of sneakers anyways.


  • The motivational energy that pumped-up music provides is unparalleled to any other form of motivation. At least to me, that is. Some people would say listening to music while working out to find motivation is cheating and I disagree. Music is motivation to me and combining that to my other motivation of staying fit while working out does wonders for me and I think it is true for many people out there. Listening to music and certain types, in that case, produces waves in our brains and sometimes improves mood and energy levels.
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Gym Clothes

  • Like your sneaker gym clothes carry the same if not more importance when you are at the gym. Without the proper attire, you cannot really exercise properly. There are easy ways to remember to pack your gym clothes daily. Keep your gym clothes near your bag the night before and when you are packing your gym bag it will catch your eye. Having a sticky note can be helpful for remembering anything almost. If you have a tendency of forgetting things easily use this lifehack. Buy sticky notes and remind yourself to avoid the inconveniences of life.

Dry Shampoo on your Gym Bag

  • If you lack the time or energy after working out to take a shower you can just mitigate the problem by bringing a dry shampoo bottle. When you exercise you tend to sweat a lot causing excess oils to come out of your strands and having a dry shampoo helps soak up those extra oils while adding some volume and texture. Mind to pack a bottle of dry shampoo in your bag.

Shower Essentials

  • Those of you who like to take shower and a quick rinse after working out, having the essentials for taking a shower is mandatory. Well, they are called shower essentials for a reason. Be sure to pack a set of showering products with you. A shower after a gym workout is one of the greatest feelings of going to a gym. It slaps you with a bucket of freshness and revitalizes your body and looks.


  • One of the most under looked products people forget to bring is a deodorant. Yah, applying deodorant also works but when you are sweating like a maniac having a deodorant with you is a God bless. Sweat wipes help negate some of the bad smell you might be emitting but having a deodorant helps you lockoutthe bad aura and you can use that after you shower as well.
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Cooling Towel

  • Cooling towels are rarely known to some but having a cooling towel is a pro move. A Cooling towel uses various methods to stay cool without being wet. If soaks water very fast and helps keep your body temperature cool.

Gym Towel

  • After a hard workout, you need something to wipe your sweat with. Gym towels are different than generic towels you find in the market as they absorb water very fast and manage to feel dry after use. The color is also a plus point as sweat stains are nasty to look at and gym towels are made with these considerations in mind.


  • Grab some snack packs so that you can re-energize yourself after the workout. Since many snaps are unhealthy it’s preferable to buy healthy snacks beforehand and packing them with you while you are on your way to the gym.