How to do Perfect Cable Lateral Raise – Step by Step Guide

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Cable lateral raise! It is also known as Cable workout. It is one of the most effective exercises to do. Cable Lateral Raise workout can give you an attractive muscle and, muscular back. If you want to get a muscular body, then this workout can provide a fruitful result. Today, in this article, I am going to discuss all this Cable lateral raise exercise.


So, this article is going to be very interesting and informative. That’s why I am requesting you if you want to know details about Cable lateral raise exercise then stay with us till the end.


What is Cable Lateral Exercise?

Cable lateral exercise is one of the most fruitful bodybuilding exercises. To get an attractive body with several muscles, it helps a lot. This workout mainly helps to build the shoulder muscles.

Yes! It is one of the hardest exercises, as well. So at the time of performing this exercise, you need to be aware of it. As cable lateral exercise, may lead to crack your shoulder.

Proper weight maintenance is necessary at the time doing this exercise.

Category of Cable Lateral Exercise


Actually, Cable lateral Exercise is divided into several categories. However, in this article, we are going to give a spotlight on the main three types.

  • Cable side lateral raise
  • Standing cable lateral raise
  • Single cable lateral raise
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Here we are going to discuss all the exercise which are enlisted in the Cable lateral exercise category

Cable side lateral raise

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#01 – Cable side lateral raise

It is one of the most effective workouts, which helps to build the muscle of the shoulder. It is one of the most natural exercises also, but you need to maintain the pulling at the time of practice.

So, it should keep into your mind.



  • Stand to the attachment of a weight pulley machine.
  • The working side of your body should be adjusted to the machine.
  • With the outside arms reach across your body.
  • After that, you need to grab the handle.
  • Stand straight up and extend your arm.
  • At that time, your feet should be facing forward.
  • You can grip the machine with your inside hand for getting the extra support.


Control the weight: Yes! At the time of pulling, you should have to control the pressure. You can’t take extra weight.

As your shoulder bone is not too strong. So, you should take up the weight according to your capability.

Support through the hand: Yes! Here support is vital. That’s why you have to support your body through the other hand.

The leg should not be interlocked: If your legs become interlocked, then it may be harmful to you. So, you should have to be aware of it at the time of Cable lateral raise exercise.


Standing Cable Lateral Raise

#02 – Standing Cable Lateral Raise


Standing arm cable lateral raise is also one of the hardest exercises which are enlisted as a Cable lateral raise exercise. It is slightly hard as compared to the cable side lateral exercise. Here, double exercise is necessary by the using of two hands.

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  • At first, you need to stand in between two weight pulley machine.
  • The standing position should be adjusted by you, depending upon your comfortable location.
  • Use opposite arms for pulling different machines.
  • Yes! Then you need to grab the handle.
  •  Be straight up and after that, extend your arms.
  • Your feet should be stable at the time of this workout.
  • After that, pull the cable. Yes at the time of pulling you should look into the weight.



Proper weight measurement: Yes, it is an important thing here. You should have to adequate weight measurement. That would be very beneficial in the future.

If you take more weight, then it may be harmful to your shoulder.

Stability of your legs: Stability of your leg is essential. If your legs tremble more times, then it may produce a harmful effect on you. This is because of pulling their weight by both hands.

Single Cable lateral raise

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#03 – Single Cable lateral raise

Single cable lateral raise exercise is one of the most important variations of the lateral raise exercise. This workout is beneficial to build the muscle of the shoulder.

In this purpose, the cable pulley machine becomes very helpful to pull the weight and, make the right shoulder muscles.

This exercise is actually targeted to medial deltoid, which is a crucial part of building an impactful muscular body.



  • Set the cable at the lowest position possible and, attach a single Handel.
  • Reach across the body and with a neutral grip, grab the handle properly.
  • Slightly bent your elbow.
  • After that, pull the Handel across your body.
  • Slowly back the handle to the starting positions. It will help to circulate this exercise smoothly.
  • Repeat it according to your will and, capability.
  • Weight adjustment is essential for this purpose as well.
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  • Allow your arms to move freely: Yes! It is an essential step. You need to allow your arms to move freely. Otherwise, it may create pressure on your shoulder. So, your shoulder bone may be broken.
  • Keep your abs braced: You should have to keep your abs braced and, should avoid the arch to go top of the movement.
  •  Don’t put your head forward: This kind of activity occurs due to stimulation of small muscle group. You should have to focus on the movement but, don’t go with the momentum.



Cable Lateral Raise exercise is the most effective exercise which helps in the muscle building. If you do this exercise regularly, then you must gain an attractive shoulder muscle.

In this article, we already covered all about Cable Lateral Raise exercise.

I hope friends, you like this article. If you like, then please share this article with your friends and relatives. Stay tuned for the next update. Thank you for reading.