Exercises Senior Citizens Can Do in the Safety of Their Home

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It’s important for senior citizens to get plenty of exercises but getting to the gym or even outside isn’t always possible. The weather may make it difficult to get out, or in the event of a health crisis like the COVID-19 outbreak, those in a retirement community in PA would prefer to exercise in the safety of their own home.

For seniors who want to exercise in the house, these movement ideas will allow them to keep fit while in the safety of their own homes.

Stretching for Flexibility for Seniors

Seniors should stretch every day. Stretching helps to increase blood flow and reduce stress. It also helps to increase the range of motion which may prevent future injuries. It also feels good to stretch.

The types of stretches an older adult can do depends on their physical condition, but there are some simple stretches that are safe for most seniors. Stretching arms over the head can be done from a standing or seated position. Neck stretches can also be done from a standing or seated position. From a lying position on the floor, seniors can stretch hips, an area that tends to get tight on older adults.

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Any time a senior does stretches standing up, they should have a nearby sturdy chair to grab onto in case they lose their balance.

Yoga or Chair Yoga for seniors

Yoga or Chair Yoga Improves Flexibility and Mood for Seniors

Yoga is a good at-home exercise for senior citizens to participate in. There are many yoga routines that can be followed along with that are on DVD or on a streaming device. Look for yoga that’s designed specifically for senior citizens which take into consideration some of the exercise limitations that the elderly may have. For those who have trouble getting on the floor or those that aren’t comfortable with the up and down that some yoga practices require, look for chair yoga routines.

Like stretching, yoga is great for flexibility, but yoga is also excellent for stress relief and mood enhancement. There’s a spiritual element to many yoga practices that has a calming effect on those who participate.

Resistance Bands Offer Seniors a Safe Way to Strength Train

 Seniors who would like to do some strength training at home but don’t want to work with weights can benefit from using resistance bands. Their resistance can be adjusted simply by where the hands are placed on them so it can be a gentle exercise for seniors if that’s what they require.

Another benefit of using resistance bands in strength training is that they’re so lightweight that they can’t hurt a senior if they’re dropped. Even a two-pound hand weight may do damage to a foot if it falls on it, but a resistance band dropped will do no damage.

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Wall Push-Ups for Seniors

Seniors Who Have Trouble Getting Down on the Floor Can Benefit from Wall Push-Ups

Push-ups can be difficult at any age, but they can be especially tough on seniors who no longer have the strength to lift most of their body weight and also have difficulty getting up and down from the ground.

Wall Push-ups are a good alternative to traditional ones for older adults who want to exercise at home. A senior can control their amount of exertion by where they place their legs and hands, giving them control over their movements.

Chair Exercise for Seniors

With a Chair for Safety, Standing on One Leg for Balance is a Great Exercise for Seniors

Balance exercises are very important for senior citizens because good balance keeps them from falling. But one of the problems with balance exercises are that while performing them, balance can be lost, causing a fall.

A good sturdy chair placed next to a senior while doing any balance exercise can stop them from falling. While the senior is standing on one leg and then the other, improving balance, they don’t need to hold on to the chair. But the chair should be placed close enough so that it can be grabbed on to just in case a fall is about to happen.

Almost all senior citizens can do some form of exercise from the safety of their homes. However, it’s always good to check with a medical professional before beginning any new type of exercise to ensure it will help, not harm.