7 Prenatal Workouts for Pregnant Women – Safe Pregnancy Workouts

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Taking care of yourself is the number one priority when you are pregnant. That’s why today we are going to talk about workouts for pregnant women. For many women, pregnancy raises a lot of questions. It is normal, especially when it’s the first time. There are a lot of changes in the body, and it is not always straightforward what you should and shouldn’t do. One of the common questions is regarding the safety of exercising. 

Workouts for Pregnant Women 2020

workouts for pregnant women

We are happy to tell you that not only that workouts for pregnant women are not just safe but also recommended. Of course, you shouldn’t go running for 10 kilometers. Still, moderate exercises are very beneficial for the mother to be and the baby.  

Exercise will relieve many of those pregnancy symptoms like backache, swollen ankles, fatigue, and so on. It proved to be a fantastic remedy for mood swings, and numerous studies are showing that if exercising when pregnant mental health improves. If you regularly use during pregnancy, you can even lower the risks of C-section and contribute to having more natural delivery.

Studies have shown that babies of the mothers who had an exercise routine through their pregnancy have better heart, lower body mass index, and improved brain capacities.

Workouts for Pregnant Women

When you are in search of being pregnant health tips that will help you stay in good shape through this period, exercise is among first on the list. 

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What is good is that it doesn’t matter at all if you weren’t active before. If you decided to introduce physical activity in your daily routine during pregnancy, you are free to do it. We applaud it. If you regularly exercised before, you will continue with some modifications.

Pregnancy can sometimes be complicated. In case you are expecting twins, or there is a condition like preeclampsia, you need to see with the doctor what you can do. In any case, before you start, you must discuss with your obstetrician or general health care provider to make sure that you are medically clear to work out.  

There are plenty of safe exercises to do while pregnant, and we will now mention some of them. 

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If you were a passionate runner before you got pregnant, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t continue running. But you need to know that while you are carrying a baby, your joints a bit more lose than average, so there is a higher risk of injuries. Because of this, please run on a treadmill or easy terrains and don’t run too much. Another critical thing to remember is that the body in this period uses more oxygen, so you will become tired or out of breath faster.

Woman in Water


Who doesn’t like being in the water? Maybe you didn’t know this, but both swimming and aqua fitness are perfect workouts for pregnant women. Even if you never exercised a day in your life, swimming is perfectly safe. They are low impact, not put a lot of strain on our joints and muscles and yet very useful. We also all know that we aren’t so heavy in the water, so it is much easier to move then on the land. 

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If you are suffering from back pain, you might notice that it disappears after half an hour swim. The only thing you should be careful is not to jump in the pool but rather enter from the steps. 

Some women have concerns about chlorine in pools, but you should know that it cannot harm you or the baby.

Indoor Cycling for Pregnant Women

Unless you have some health issues that might limit the level of allowed activity, indoor cycling is one of the best workouts for pregnant women. That’s because you are sitting, so there is no way to lose balance, plus you don’t expose your joints to any hard effort. You do need to take some precautions, though, despite it being perfectly safe. For example, you have to make sure to wear gym clothes and also drink plenty of water. Also, you have probably used to go about 30 miles per hour, but this is the time to slow down. 

Barre for Pregnant Women

You might consider barre as another low impact training that you can do thought all the months of the pregnancy. These workouts involve small movements that gradually lead to incredibly toned muscles. It is perfectly safe; there is no risk of injuries for you or the baby. It is essential to know that, especially if you weren’t physically active, this is not the time to push the limits. You shouldn’t overstretch or do anything that would be demanding for your body. You still need to get doctors’ approval to start practicing barre. 

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Brisk walking or going up the hill is a moderate exercise that you can do throughout each trimester. You need to be able to have a conversation usually but with a bit of effort. What is significant is that it is one of the workouts for pregnant women that everyone can do regardless of the fitness levels. You can invite a friend or relative to be your walking companion. 

Lifting Weights for Pregnant Women

If you were lifting before and your healthcare provider gives you the green light, then you should be okay to continue lifting weights. Of course, you need to use lighter weights and make more repetitions when you are doing strength workouts for pregnant women. Keep in mind that you should avoid lifting while lying on the back. 

Stair Climber and Elliptical Machine

All these cardio machines are safe during pregnancy, even for total beginners. Just adjust the speed and incline to make it comfortable for you. In the third trimester, you should avoid exercises that include jumping and running and focus more on stretching or swimming. 


The most important thing to remember about workouts for pregnant women is that you shouldn’t overdo it. You are exercising to improve yours and your baby’s health and feel better during pregnancy, not to win the marathon. Whatever exercise you decide to do, you need to pass the talk test, meaning that you should be able to have a normal conversation. Little effort is okay, but you cannot be fighting for breath. Remember also that it is also essential to take care that you are eating healthy foods for pregnant women. Have you already done some of these exercises, or are you planning to? Do you have ideas for some other activities for pregnant women?