Ariel Winter Weight Loss Journey – How She Loss Weight?

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Ariel Winter, who happens to be an actor, and a well known one, is now 21 years old. However, she has been in public eye long before she was even in her teens.

It happened when she was 10 years old and made her first appearance on Modern Family, where she played the role of Alex Dunphy.

Over the span of 11 years, she has grown up quite a bit  and unfortunately started appearing at the headline for wrong reasons.

She was trolled for not having the best of figures, as one would expect an attractive woman to have. She was flabby, bulky, and didn’t had that sex appeal which is unfortunately the key to success for any women at the glamour industry.

Ariel Winter Weight Loss Journey 2020

Ariel Winter Weight Loss Journey 2020

Ariel said at an interview, that she was quite depressed, not due to the fact that she didn’t look great, but because of constant criticism she had to face. “There was a time, when I couldn’t take it any longer”, she said. She was under acute depression and had to consult a psychiatrist to come out of it.

At first she decided to go for plastic surgery in order to give a proportionate size to her body assets; however, she was denied it, due to various medical conditions.

“It was then, I came to realize that there are no shortcuts when it comes to keeping yourself in shape”, she decided to take the difficult approach, which is going through rigorous workout sessions and following strict diet.

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Today,  Ariel Winter has one of the most attractive figures and those who used to troll her can only wonder, how she has managed to achieve it.

“I always try to ignore such questions politely and with grace; until one day, when I realized that there are many around who can benefit from my experience. This is when I decided to open up”

How Ariel Winter Lost her Weight – A Brief Insight

How Ariel Winter Lost her Weight – A Brief Insight


Right at the outset, it needs to be mentioned that her weight loss journey was not easy. She had to put in extra effort as she was not mentally tough enough to withstand such hardship for a sustained period of time.

However, with the help of her trainer and as she got mature over a period of time, she got mentally tougher and started putting in more effort at the gym.

As far as diet is concerned, Ariel has always been a foodie; she found it very difficult to follow a disciplined regime. However, she soon realized that when it comes to losing weight and body transformation, diet plays a very important role.

As a matter of fact, diet is believed to be 60% and workout is 40% responsible for losing weight.

Once she realized it, after having numerous sessions with her trainer, she never looked back. She left behind her bad food habits, and started a new routine altogether, which comprised of protein, good fat, proportionate calorie content, along with different types of Vitamins and other essential minerals and nutrients.

Ariel Winter Workout Schedule


When it comes to losing weight and burning that extra calorie, cardio workouts are absolutely essential. They help to boost the rate of metabolism in the body, which in turn affects weight loss.

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However, cardio workouts can be quite exhausting and tiring, and initially Ariel found it quite difficult to put in her best efforts. However, with time, as she started growing in confidence, she used to spend hours on treadmill, running on the road, biking, on the cross trainer, doing various other kinds of floor cardio workouts.

“I was never comfortable with hardcore cardio workouts to begin with; however, when I realized how effective they were in losing weight and toning my body, no matter how painful it was, I never looked back”.

It started showing results within a couple of months. She was no longer the bulky and fat girl she used be, as she was slowly but surely getting into shape.

“I could see the difference when It stood in front of the mirror”, she said. This is what motivated her to push even harder.

Ariel Winter Cardio Workout for Weight Loss

Besides cardio workout, she also had to go through rigorous weight training sessions, where she had to do dead lifts, do push ups, bicep curling and so many other workouts.

At first she couldn’t quite understand the use of working out with weights; however, when her trainer explained the science behind it and how it can quickly help her transform her body, she never complained.

She used to spend hours at the gym with her trainer, sweating and her heart out.

“Not for once do I regret the hardship which I went through”, Ariel had said in an interview sharing her weight loss experience; “Every single step I took on that treadmill, every single pound I lifted, helped me to achieve my goal”

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When it comes to her training schedule, there was no special workout she was made to do.

Her trainer knew that she had to be steady and stay away from injuries, as she had a professional career to take care of.

But, whatever workout and exercises she did, they were made intense, so that quick results could be yielded. The fact that she followed the instructions religiously.

Both on and off the gym, and quickly adopted to a modified and healthy life style, helped her achieve her goal quickly. Ariel has been a great inspiration to many who are want to pull it off, but for some reason not being able to do it.

Ariel Winter Diet Plan

As far as her diet was concerned, she was not happy with what she was asked to eat; for obvious reasons.

However, being a professional, she realized that in order to get the best results, she needs to work on her diet. She was very obedient when it came to maintaining proper diet, and seldom did she deviate.

“If ever, I had a cheat day, I would confess it my trainer, who would make work harder the next day to burn out those extra calories which I had consumed”, she said.




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