The Morning Banana Diet Review – The Best Remedy for Weight loss

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Eating healthy diet is a great solution to many health-care issues. In fact helps to keep you away from many diseases and makes you feel healthy. Do you agree? Of course!

The morning banana diet review

The morning banana diet is one of the healthy, simple and stress-free concept which you can easily follow it. Eating banana is healthy as well as nutritious as they are high in fiber and low in calories. Low-calorie food helps you in losing weight.

The diet encourages you to add fruits and aware of your hunger and fullness levels. Strict meal plans should be followed to eat your lunch and dinner as usual but stop when you are 80% full. Skip dessert after dinner.

You can simply lose weight as you are consuming fewer calories. The morning banana diet helps you to eat less. And eating fewer promotes weight loss.

Are you planning to lose weight? Yes! What if you can do it by eating bananas? There are many diet plans available to lose weight and you need to compromise on something over the other.

Here I am going to mention the weight loss plan without making so many changes in your regular diet.

Concept of the morning banana diet came from Japan known as “Asa Banana Diet”. A website tells the rules to follow for slimming.

  • Take a glass of water with an empty stomach

Take a glass of water on an empty stomach after you wake up. Do your breakfast with a glass of water and a banana. If you still feel hungry you can eat more but avoid overeating. Eat the food which contains less than 200 calories.

  • Avoid eating meals after 8 pm

Your last meal of the day must not be late after 8 pm. 6 pm is the preferable time to try to reduce the time eventually. However, there is no restriction on the food you eat. Keep in mind you must be satisfied with your meal and don’t full or stuffed. Keep a track on your diet you must be 80% full.

  • Drink plenty of water

Water is a great beverage which you need to drink. Keep in mind don’t drink it too much that may lead to bloating. Drink clean and room temperature water in small quantity.

  • Avoid heavy snacks

Eat snacks up to 3 pm but not after that. You can have the snacks like popcorn as it is a lightest and healthiest snack ever. Avoid heavy and fried food.

  • Make a four hours gap between your last meal and bedtime

Go to bed by midnight or you want to sleep earlier it’s better to eat your last meals early.

  • Do exercise if you like

This diet plan has the least stress on your body.  If you don’t like to exercise it is fine. You can go to walk, run for a normal workout session. There is no need to fast, exertion, deprivations this is a perfect

How banana helps you to lose weight?

Banana's for Wieght Loss

Bananas contain high fiber and low calories; the fiber makes you feel full for a long period of time. As a result of if you eat a small number of calories over the long period of time. Taking a banana in the morning helps you to eat less.

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The scientific name of banana is “Musa Acuminata.”. The 126 grams of banana diet contains almost 110 calories and 30 grams of carbohydrates. Eating bananas is tasty as well healthy you can eat them in fruit salads, juice and shakes.

Banana fruit is grown in more than 100 countries around the world. It is used to make fiber, wine, ornamental decorations etc.

Along with the morning banana diet, there are many other benefits of eating bananas.

What are the effects of the morning banana diet?

The morning banana diet effects

People follow the morning banana diet for various reasons like lose weight. Some people lose weight whereas some people gain weight using the banana diet. The reason for gaining weight is the consumption of more carbohydrates than usual and loss of weight is due to bodies adjusts as per the diet.

The morning banana diet helps to improve the physical and mental health of the people. Apart from the weight loss, it improves the overall health of a person using the morning banana diet.

Health benefits of eating bananas?

Health benefits of eating bananas

  • Protects cardiovascular system

Bananas contain potassium and mineral electrolyte which is required to keep to your heart beating. High potassium and low sodium control blood pressure. As per the Hypertension Institute, USA potassium plays a major role to manage the healthy blood pressure levels.

Banana is rich in potassium to control blood pressure. The potassium relieves the tension in veins and arteries as a result of it blood can flow smoothly. It oxygenates different organs to improve their functioning.

This helps to eliminate artherosclerosis strokes and heart attacks. The fiber in banana scrapes excess cholesterol from the arteries and blood vessels. This helps to reduce the stress and proper functioning of the cardiovascular system.

  • Helps to overcome depression

Adding bananas to your diet helps you to overcome the depression. The high level of tryptophan in bananas converts the serotonin the mood-elevating brain neurotransmitter. Vitamin B6 helps you to sleep well that relax your muscles.

Bananas contain amino acid tryptophan which the human body converts to serotonin. The proper serotonin levels improve your mood, reduce stress and make your cheerful. This regulates your sleep routines.

Eating banana your body is the only way to get Tryptophan which is an essential amino acid. When you are stressed at work banana is a great snack to reduce stress.

  • Improves digestion

Generally, we don’t eat enough fiber in our diets. Eating fiber makes helps food travel smoothly through the digestive system. Bananas contain high fiber that provides 10% of your daily fiber requirement.

The sweet taste gives you a sense of heaviness and the sour taste works like a digestive juice. Eating a couple of bananas is a great medicine to treat occasional constipation.

  • Helps to weight loss

According to a survey conducted in the year, 2012 eating bananas helps to build metabolism. Metabolism helps to weight loss.  A banana contains a lot of fiber and easy to digest. An overweight person should eat a banana because they are very filling and not contains fat.

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The roughage of banana allows the person not to feel hungry. It helps to reduce the overeating and obviously weight loss.

  • Useful for weight gain

Bananas are useful when you want to gain weight. Milk provides proteins and banana contains sugar the consumption of the mixture of milk and banana results into weight rapidly.

The bananas are easy to digest; an underweight person can consume 5-6 bananas in a day along with regular meals. It helps to increase the intake of 500-600 calories which is required for weight gain.

  • Fight against Anemia

Bananas work like medicine for those who are suffering from Anemia. The sufferer of anemia faces fatigue, shortness of breath and paleness due to a decrease in the number of red blood cells. Adding banana in the diet of an anemic person can help to improve their health.

  • Improves kidney health

Potassium is essential for blood pressure control and kidney function. Being a good source of potassium bananas and vital for maintaining healthy kidneys.

  • Stronger your bones

Bananas contain a high amount of calcium helps to promote calcium uptake. Calcium has the most important role in the production and regrowth of bones in the body. It decreases the chances of weakening your bones.

  • Improves energy levels

Bananas are rich in glucose and provide optimal energy for a run. The marathoners grab a banana before the race. Eating a banana after the post workout helps to replenish the energy which is used during the workouts.

  • Rich source of Vitamins B6

Bananas are a rich source of Vitamin B6 which is important for creating hemoglobin for healthy blood. B6 helps to maintain proper sugar levels, synthesizing and breaking down amino acid.

One banana is recommended for daily intake of vitamin B6. Eating a banana is good as compared to taking a vitamin pill.

  • Treats skin conditions like psoriasis and acne

Rub a freshly peeled banana skin on the affected area and leave it for some time. The skin of the banana helps to relieve a variety of skin conditions and gives a strong moisturizing effect as well.

The regular use of banana peel on psoriasis you will notice the reddening initially but will improve after some days of use. You can also do a patch test in case you have any doubts about this treatment. Usually, it takes several weeks to give the complete benefit of this exercise.

  • Fights against cancer

According to Japanese animal research that fully ripe banana produces a compound name TNF-a. It is helpful to increase the white cell count and enhances your immunity and kills cancerous cells.

Although banana is fruit there is no harm of adding it to your diet. It consistently linked to lower the risk of developing various cancers.

  • Improves vision

Bananas are packed with antioxidants and arytenoids and a healthy mix of mineral which boosts your eyesight. Adding banana in your diet can avoid the risk of cataracts, night blindness, glaucoma etc.

  • Treat piles
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The high fiber in banana helps to pass the stool easily. The laxative system stay from any kind of strain, cure the swollen veins around the anus region.

  • Menstruation aid

Banana is used as a medicine in menstruation. A cooked banana helps you to get rid of menstruation pain and excessive bleeding during the menstrual cycle and menstruation issues too.

There is no doubt that bananas are good for health. And you have decided to include bananas in your diet. Let me tell you some tips which you should keep in mind while buying bananas.

  • Hydrates and rejuvenates the skin

Bananas hydrate nearly 75% that hydrates and rejuvenates the skin protects from drying out. Just add a banana in your face mask makes your skin healthier and younger. Vitamin A contained in the banana helps to repair the damaged skin cell.

  • Reduces asthma symptoms in kids

The studies say that eating a banana every day has a 34% reduced risk of displaying asthma symptoms. Because banana contains vitamin B6 which relaxes bronchial muscle tissue. Adding a banana in kids diet is a great medicine to treat asthma in kids.

Tips to buy a banana

Tips to buy banana for morning diet

The ripeness is the sign of whether the fruit is eatable or not. You can eat an unripe banana, but the banana with brown sports indicates that fruit has started to deteriorate. An unripe banana is green in color after ripening its color changes to yellowish.

  • Buy banana as per the usage

A ripe banana can be used to make pudding, banana bread, shakes and smoothies. An unripe banana can be purchased to store for a long period of time. If you regularly use bananas you can buy an unripe banana it ripens after some days. Check your requirement whether you may use it on the same day or store in for later.

  • Go for a yellow color banana

The bright yellow color with few brown spots is best to eat. These types of bananas are sweet and soft. Whereas the green color banana is unripe don’t give their full potential. Never buy the bananas with discolored skin that looks dull and gray.

  • Check the texture

The yellow color of the banana doesn’t guarantee that it is good for you. Take a banana in your hand if you should feel firm in your hand then buy it. Never go for too mushy and too many spots on a banana.

  • Smell a banana before buying

Make sure that banana does have a bad smell. It must not smell which is too strong.

Store bananas at the warm climate less than 55 degrees. The ideal temperature for banana ripening is 60 degree and 70 degrees. The high temperature helps to ripen bananas too rapid ally.

The above-mentioned reasons are enough to pick up bananas for the morning banana diet. You can make mix a banana with other foods make a blended up in a smoothie. Enjoy the banana diet the way you like.

Eating a banana is delicious as well as a healthy snack that can be added to your daily meals. Have you decided to lose weight the morning banana diet is the right choice? Make sure not to overeat and consult your doctor before starting this diet plan.