8 Ways To Ease Your Coronavirus Anxiety

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Anxiety is a constant state of fear that something terrible is going to happen, and since the world was hit with the pandemic, things have been crazy all around the world, but that does not mean you become hopeless. We all need to follow the rules, stay inside, and fight this pandemic. If you have anxiety due to the coronavirus, don’t worry, I have got you covered. I have collected eight ways to help cope with this; I hope it helps you more than it helped me,

Ease Your Coronavirus Anxiety

Tell yourself certain things:

Many different things are happening around the world from the minute this pandemic spread globally. There are many uncertain things like the death of loved ones and family that are uncertain, but in comparison to that, there are many specific things too that you should tell yourself.

It would be best if you told yourself that it is certain that we are going to get out of this pandemic, it is certain that we are going to survive this, it is certain that we will soon be okay and so many other certain things. Saying these certain things to yourself can help build up hope and motivation to deal with whatever that is going around in the world.

Limit watching the news on the media:

Media fuels anxiety and depression by showing all the negative things. The media mostly overestimates a threat and underestimate the coping abilities that are being highlighted. It is good to stay updated and alert, but too much media can cause depression and anxiety; therefore, don’t watch the news more than you should.

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You can install an application or just Google update on the matter rather than watching the news. Try to focus on positive activities that help you distract, try to tell positive things to yourself such as that people are recovering, the doctors know more about the coronavirus now so they can help save more lives and will not go on forever.

Seek virtual help from experts in coronavirust anxiety

Take measures needed to protect yourself and the family:

Eventually, everything has to reopen because businesses cannot stay closed forever as that puts the economy at a loss. There are many different SOP’s being set for everyday life, such as wearing masks, maintaining a social distance, not shaking hands, standing at a distance from people, and so much more.

To protect your family, friends, and yourself, you must take all the necessary measures. Make sure to use the sanitizer, wash your hands, and do whatever the authorities advise you. People need to get out of their house, but that cannot be taken as an excuse not to follow the rules that are being set, to eliminate this virus all must take responsibility.

Try to focus on what you are grateful for:

Whatever that is going around in the world is depressing and can affect your mental health, but try to keep your focus on all the positive things you are grateful for. Look around you, what are you thankful for?

Be grateful for the roof over your head, be grateful for the food on your table, be thankful for this life, be grateful for your health, be grateful for your job, and so much more. It is the little things that matter the most, they may not look like a big deal, but once they are gone, you realize what you lost.

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Seek virtual help from experts:

If something bothers you and you cannot talk about it to friends and family, you should seek virtual help and speak to an expert. It is tough to trust a third person on the internet and tell them about whatever is bothering you but look at its positive side.

Talking to an expert will provide you with that fresh perspective that you have been looking for; it will give you a medium to which you can vent out your problems and distract you. Therefore, start sharing and talk about what bothers you, maybe talking and sharing will help you find a solution after all.

Make a routine; keep yourself busy:

It is essential to have a routine, not being busy and thinking all those negative thoughts in all those free time can take a toll on your mental health, thus sit down, make a routine and try to follow it.

If there is nothing to do at home, you can pursue an old hobby such as painting or dancing, and even if you are not up for that, you can start watching all the seasons and the movies you have wanted to watch but couldn’t due to your busy schedule.

Start challenging yourself every day and try to do everything you challenge yourself on. Get out of your comfort zone, go for a walk at night, call your best friend, wear that dress, make that painting, etc. Being busy will help you stay distracted from all the negatives and make you productive and proud of yourself.

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Exercise, eat well, and don’t smoke:

It is extremely important to eat a balanced diet to keep up that immunity to fight whatever comes your way. Take all your nutrients and try to exercise a week thrice. Exercise not only keeps you active but also helps improve your immunity. On the other hand, smoking is dangerous for your lungs and your immunity and brings you high at risk towards a disease.

Doctors recommend smoking medical marijuana and CBD as a cure to treat anxiety. If you are looking to buy some head over to https://highclub.org/ to get the best deals, make sure to buy them only on the recommendation of your doctor. Try to avoid cigarettes, try to consume less junk food and more healthy food, and make sure to exercise. You can invite a friend or a family member to come exercise with you to give you a medium to talk to about whatever is on your mind.

Stay connected to old friends and family:

If you live far away from home, staying connected to family and old friends must be hard, but since the pandemic hit the world, I am sure you have a lot of time on your hands; therefore, it is good to stay connected to family and friends.

Call your parents and your siblings, ask them about their day and tell them about yours and talk about whatever has been on your mind. Sharing with family always helps take your chest burden, and it’s always lovely to catch up with friends.

To sum it all up, keep talking to family and friends, follow all the SOP’s and honestly believe that we will be out of this in no time.