7 Benefits of Using an Indoor Trampoline – Checkout all Benefits

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According to NASA findings, jumping on the trampoline is 68% more beneficial to the human body than jogging, with minimum effort. Ten minutes of bouncing on a trampoline burn as many calories as a 30minute jog.

Both children and adults love to jump on the trampoline. The rhythmic bouncing up and down due to gravity stimulates every cell in the body engaging every muscle. These exercises provide a tremendous amount of fun too.


What most people are unaware of is the many health benefits that trampolining offers. The following are six incredible benefits of using an indoor trampoline that will make you want to get one as soon as possible.

Benefits of Using an Indoor Trampoline

1. Fun Way of Losing Weight and Keeping Fit

Jumping on the trampoline is a metabolic supporting exercise that helps you keep your weight in check. It gets you burning calories and improves lymphatic circulation that aids in the eradication of waste and toxins from the body.

2. Jumping Promotes Mental Health

Occasional jumping on the trampoline improves blood circulation. Circulation of fresh oxygen to the brain promotes healthy mental well-being. Additionally, jumping on a trampoline triggers endorphin release, a feel-good hormone that contributes to optimism and raises confidence levels.

3. Improves Lymphatic Functions

The lymphatic system plays an important function in the body’s immune system. It acts as a defense mechanism against bacteria, viruses, disease, and infections. The lymphatic system has no pump to remove waste products; and relies on muscular contraction to remove waste out of the system.


Bouncing up and down a trampoline enhances cardiovascular and lymphatic circulation, allowing the free movement of waste products. It also clears toxins and improves the immune system.

4. Strengthens Body Cells

The force of gravity on individual cells forces the body to adjust to the increased load by becoming stronger. When all the 37 trillion cells move up and down, the cell energy and mitochondrial function increases.

Healthy cells are vital in our bodies; when cells malfunction, they become open to DNA damages.


5. Improves Digestion and Gut Health

The rhythmic jumping up and down stimulates the expansion and contraction of muscles; these muscles make up the digestive tract. Increased peristalsis on the digestive systemallows for the absorption of nutrients more effectively, which relieves nutritional deficiencies such as constipation.

6. Improves Posture, Balance, and Coordination

An indoor trampoline helps improve posture, balance, and coordination by stimulating the ocular nerves and the ear canal. For the elderly, trampoline exercises significantly improve balance during a fall. Trampolining also improves spinal alignment that helps improve joint, back and neck pains.

7. Jumping Strengthens Joints

Trampoline exercises help in strengthening the joints and ligaments. This makes it a good choice for people who have arthritis. Jumping also helps in the prevention of osteoporosis and fractured bones.

You can’t exhaust the benefits of trampoline workouts. If you are looking for a fun way to stay fit, trampolining might be the answer.  Anyone can jump on the trampoline as it is a quite simple form of exercise.

You can exercise in the comfort of your home by getting yourself a quality indoor trampoline. Remember, the occasional use of trampolines can significantly improve your general health over time.

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