5 ways to relax your body after a hectic workout

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Most of us do not know that when we workout quite intensely, our muscles break apart into microscopic fibres and wait for them to fill up. This is how your body gains some muscle weight. You might feel quite some soreness if you have done a brutal workout. It is important to deal with this so that you do not feel more pain the next day. Not dealing with soreness immediately can lead to increased pain the next day. Be sure to follow these tips and tricks given by experts in order to help you relax your body after you just killed your workout.


Meditate before bedtime

It’s a great habit to get into meditation. Not only does it provide good mental and physical health benefits, but it also helps you have a more centred life and is proven to lower blood pressure as well as aid in recovery. After exercising, sitting down and meditating brings your body back to baseline, decreases the tension in joints and muscles, and helps you relax. Yoga, Tai Chi, and meditation can all help improve your breathing long after a rigorous workout.

Use your gym’s sauna facilities

A sauna is like sitting in a hot room on a steam vaporizer except it uses dry heat. The dry heat has the tendency to very slowly warm you up and relax your muscles, while the stress just melts away as your muscles elongate with the heat. A sauna will feel amazing and provide many benefits. Not only does it relax the muscles, but it also helps eliminate lactic acid and leaves them stronger. As for fat loss, a sauna will help you in that area too because of the lower body temperature. Heat can be used after any muscle swelling has been addressed.

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Smoke some cannabis

Did you know that a ton of professional athletes prefer weed in order to help them cool down after a brutal workout? Weed is known to have a ton of anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that can help you deal with soreness and numb down your pain. It is important to get your cannabis from reputed and trustworthy sources such as OZ Dispensary so that you know you are getting the real thing. Try to use Indica after a workout to relax, Sativa will only energise you more.


Get a massage

Physical exercise releases tension and tightness in your muscles and a massage can help relieve it. This is beneficial for both mental & physical wellbeing. At the end of a workout, massages can help reduce stress & tension and improve the quality of sleep. They also provide numerous other benefits including less anxiety, more restful sleep, and improved immunity.

Watch a Movie or TV

It may seem that it has nothing to do with health or fitness, but after a workout, it’s also important to relax your mind. You can get a very similar effect by watching movies, or books, or by playing video games. You’ll be able to let your muscles relax and divert your attention to something else for a while. TV also makes for a great way to “zone out” if you’re in the mood for some downtime. Screen time is ok in moderation and there’s nothing wrong with a little relaxing time here or there.

It is important to learn how to relax after a heavy workout. Use these tips to help you wind down and become calm.

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