Cool Benefits and Reasons To Join Group Workout Sessions

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The struggle to keep the workout, diet and all together healthy routine is real. Most of the people stop doing workouts giving up on themselves just because they lack motivation. So, you should keep the motivation in check and work on that too if it starts to wear off. One of the easiest ways is to exercise with someone. It could be a friend, colleague, partner, or even a sibling. Joining a group fitness class is easy because you don’t have to convince people to join you in the gym.


Ladies and gentlemen get you workout hoodies and joggers on because workout motivation is coming. How do we know it works, well studies show that working out in groups you are less likely to cancel and give up. Here are the benefits and reasons to join a group fitness class.

Join Group Workout Sessions


It might take some time to find the right group and like-minded people. Once you do they will motivate you to exercise daily. In group sessions the instructor is motivating and once you see all those people pushing through you feel the need to do the same. On top of that, the instructor and fellow members are supportive. You might like someone and make that a reason to exercise daily. According to a study, more than 90 percent of the people who started their physical fitness journey kept on going because they joined the group fitness classes. This proves most of the people find something motivational and driving in group fitness classes which they do not find in the solo gym sessions.

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Expert guidance

Working out all by yourself means you have to think and research. Get the angles and form correct, choose between workouts, weights, and reps, and most of all the diet. In group fitness sessions the instructor guides you through these things, so all you have to do is move your body. This puts a lot of worries away from your shoulders, a professional’s hands.


The instructor will guide you through the warm-ups, cool downs, as well as throughout the workout. If you are doing something wrong, you can always ask, or they will correct you themselves. Pay attention to them when they are showing the proper form. Here you have to know the benefit of having friends around you. Sometimes you feel like your form is good but it actually isn’t. This is where they come in handy guiding you through it.



Doing a workout on your own, you soon run out of variety and keep on repeating the same workout. This way the body keeps on doing the motion it is already used to. Thus, no significant results are shown which causes frustration and lack of motivation. Whereas group classes offer a wide range of workouts you can try.



Signing up for group classes makes you accountable to it. Once you have it scheduled you will feel compelled to go to the class. Having the feeling that other members might get faster and better results if you skip, makes you responsible.



There are a lot of factors that make the group workout more fun than solo. The people and so much support around you, with up beat music, no worries to choose between workouts and weights, and motivation are a few to list. The opportunity to increase your social circle, events, having friends and the motivation instructor and people around you show makes it so much fun.

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Group workout classes are not for everyone because some people just like to exercise alone. If group classes are a problem you might want to try some other group class or couple fitness class. If not, then keep on working out on your own and try other methods to motivate yourself.



However, there are some potential disadvantages too. These classes also have many demotivating and overly friendly people. So that is a major off-putting thing, especially if you want your personal space. Secondly, these are mostly for weight loss and toning the body and not gaining mass. For that you would have to go workout with a trainer. Many instructors charge extra for the diet plan there, so that can also be a disadvantage.


Having people too close, especially when they are all sweaty and breathing heavily, can be demotivating and distracting. Especially during the social distancing and lockdown times. So, for now you should join some online group class or exercise on your own at home. Sometimes a competitive spirit backfires as watching others do things easily while you can’t get it right or push that fat.


There is nothing wrong with working out alone, enjoying your own company or with one friend. Just make sure your form is right and you are lifting weights that you should. Also, take proper rest at one or two days off as well as eating a good healthy diet. Get a personalized diet plan for yourself depending on your body type and workout goals. If you cannot find a group fitness class for yourself, then try working out with a friend otherwise. For instance, you can have two or three of your friends who have the same fitness goal to work out together. For that you might not even need a gym. Just wake up early and go for a run or a game of soccer together. This way you would have the motivation to go for the fitness session and it won’t feel like a workout because with friends it becomes a fun class.

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