Gym Equipment vs. Bodyweight Workout: What’s Better?

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There has been an increase in demand for home gym equipment recently. With gyms having been forced to close due to the pandemic and restrictions on movement imposed, those of us who like to workout or take our exercise walking, running or cycling have had to change the way we do things.

Spare rooms, garages and basements across the land have been converted into sometimes makeshift and often permanent gyms, and the trend is growing fast.

A home gym does not have to be a complex installation. The basic equipment that is recommended – a good mat for floor exercises, a kettlebell, weights and some bars plus a bench of some sort – is not expensive and doesn’t need to take up a great deal of space.

You’ll find useful information at and it’s worth a read. We’re here to talk about what’s best: a bodyweight workout or using gym equipment, so let’s have a look.

Gym Equipment vs. Bodyweight Workout (2)

Gym Equipment for the Home

If you want to know more about the best home gym equipment available there are plenty of resources online that will help you find out all you need to know.

We recommend reading all you can about gym equipment for the home, as you may find the scene has changed a great deal since you last looked into things.

For example, you can now buy a smart home gym that acts as an all-in-one hub at which you can indulge in a workout and also bodyweight training, and they are surprisingly versatile and inspirational.

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You will pay more for one of the smart gyms than for basic and usable gym equipment, but they are worth investigating.

Gym equipment needs space, and this applies whether you are building a gym for bodyweight training or other forms of workout, and we suggest you consider both as part of your routine.

Of course, it depends largely upon what you are looking to achieve with your exercising. Perhaps talk to an online personal trainer about your intentions and see how they can advise you as to the right direction to take, and they will also tell you the right gym equipment to purchase.

Gym Equipment for the Home (2)

Incorporating a Bodyweight Workout

The bodyweight workout is a great way of getting fit at home and is also surprisingly convenient. You need just the simplest of equipment and you’re ready to go. This sort of workout involved mainly body movement and working your muscles to the full.

It’s hard work, but it’s effective and gets you to the point you want to be. People who perform this sort of workout tend to be of the athletic sort who want to build their body strength, but there’s no reason you should not combine elements of the bodyweight routine with those using gym equipment.

A gym in the home will, after all, be there for all the household to use should they wish, so the equipment makes a sensible investment if you have a family or share a home with like-minded people who enjoy a workout.

As things stand it’s also the most convenient method of getting exercise when needed as gyms are still closed to members as we write.

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There is a lot to be said for building a gym in the home – we recommend a garage or basement as the ideal places to create your workout spot – and the market is one for the buyer right now as there is plenty of competition.

Have a look at what’s available and do your research on the various elements of the bodyweight workout and you’ll be able to put together a routine suitable for your requirements.