Weight Loss, Made Easy, Remember The Following and You’ll Be Good

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Weight loss might not be the same for everyone and picking up the right information from a huge collection is daunting. Unless you get help from a professional or know what you are doing, things can be difficult and results will be impressive. This can lead to demotivation and giving up the healthier lifestyle. But we won’t let that happen this is why we are there today. If you want to lose weight, get a toned body, or shape up yourself, just remember the following tips and you won’t have to worry about anything else.

Weight Loss

Choosing right, Working out, and Consistency


Focusing on just the diet, doing wrong or ineffective workouts, or inconsistency will ruin the progress. Diet is very important and we’ll get to that in a bit.


The first step is to choose the right exercise. Exercises like HIIT, strength and weight training, swimming, soccer, and martial arts like MMA, Muay Thai, and Boxing are great for weight loss. Interested in martial arts? Get your boxing gloves, mitts and pads from Elite Sports or explore to buy your favorite martial art apparel and gear. Not a martial art enthusiast, go for HIIT. It’s so much better than cardio and gives fast, efficient results in a shorter time.


Martial arts, dancing, hiking, rock climbing, swimming, soccer, American football, basketball, hockey, and other forms of physical exertion are all workouts. Of course weight training, cardio, and HIIT are forms of exercise too.


Once you have chosen what you like, now is the time to keep the workout consistent. Choosing what you like is important because it keeps you engaged. Consistency is the key to reach the goals fast and make them last long. Doing exercise you like, increasing the intensity, trying different forms and exercises, learning something new, and working out with a friend. These are some things you can do to boost the motivation level. Every person is different, so find what works for you and follow that.

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Maintain calorie deficit

Weight loss will happen when you maintain a calorie deficit. The fat will burn when fat areas are targeted by the workout and the body has a calorie deficit. This makes it use the fat stored to get the energy it needs. If your daily calorie intake is less than calories burned, the fat stored will start to burn.


Diets protocols

Fad diets do get results, but they are short-lived. If you don’t eat carbs, the body starts to decompose muscle mass to get energy. In short, you have to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. You will gain back all the weight as you unfollow the diets, ensuring quick results. The answer is that there is no magical food, diet, exercise, or way to get fit and remain as is. If you got the point then let’s move on to the diet.


Diet doesn’t mean punishing yourself. Even if you want to lose weight, the meals should be filling and you shouldn’t be feeling hungry. Never workout feeling hungry. More lean protein, few carbs or foods low in carb, little amount of healthy fats only, and of course veggies and fruits. Do not forget to include some fiber in each diet. The meal before workout should be high in carbs while the other two should be low. Take advantage of negative caloric and high thermic effect foods.


Cut down high glycemic foods, i.e. sugars and  starches etc. junk food, soda, and alcohol. Have a cheat meal one or twice a month to eat what you have been avoiding. Never miss any meal, especially breakfast.

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No focus on weighing scale

Weighting more or less is just a number, it is now how one can measure fitness. Maybe you lost 20lbs of fat and gained 15lbs of lean muscle, but the weighing scale would show just 5lbs weight loss. Which leads to poor performance and motivational loss. Instead, focus on your performance, how you feel and look. Notice your endurance, strength, and cardiac health.


Sleep and a day off

A day or two off is a must in a week. Working out continuously without allowing the body to recover and get ready will cause adverse effects. It leads to injuries which can welcome back the fat. Plus, sleeping is important if you want to get results whether they are fat loss or muscle gain. 6-8 hours of daily sleep is very important to keep you going on and mentally healthy. Losing weight is not that difficult, you just have to do all the right things. Taking a day off means you don’t work on that day, no cardio, no sports, no other intense physical activity because it is your day off. However, you can still do yoga, meditation, and other activities like these. Keep the food intake the same and eat healthy meals.


Making goals

Identity your workout goals. Make long term goals and then short term goals which lead the path up to the long term goals. This way you will be working in a straight line and achieve the goals faster. Remember to keep the goals realistic and achievable for yourself. What others can do in a month, maybe you can do in a week or more than a month. So don’t compare yourself with others only compete with your past self. Talk to your trainer about your goals so they can help you achieving them in the best way possible.

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