How to Grow Healthy Hair – Step by Step Guidance

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Almost everyone has their concocted theory of growing their hair in as much as almost all of these theories always prove redundant or completely misplaced most times. Some people may think that using hair vitamins plays a crucial role in their hair growth, while others think trimming their hair regularly proves essential to hair growth. In the case you are interested in writing an essay about healthy hair or other topic this is a great idea to hire a writer from one of the best custom essay writing services.


However, all these entail perceptions and the truth lies in the fact that hair only grows in the range of quarter an inch to half every month. It can never grow at a faster rate than that each month, regardless of what you apply or how you condition it. So how can you grow healthy hair within these limits?

How to Grow Healthy Hair

Tips for Growing Healthy Hair

  • Invest more in taking care of your scalp. One of the foolproof ways of growing your hair faster involves paying extra attention to the scalp. The scalp contains the epidermis and the dermis with crucial components such as the glands, the hair follicles, collagen, blood vessels, fat cells, and elastin fibers. Use the appropriate scalp shampoo and oil to ensure the easy flow of blood in the blood vessels that supply the hair follicle with nutrients. As a result, you will reduce hair loss or shedding.
  • Trim your hair frequently. Getting frequent hair trims can help your hair grow faster and become healthier, in as much as a lot of debated surrounds this concept. Split ends will always cause hair loss due to breakages.
  • Use hair-growth vitamins. Well, you don’t have to exclusively use hair supplements to cure your inability to grow your hair, but these supplements can play a vital role when considering the whole picture. Take care in picking your hair supplements to avoid harmful ingredients. Further, only use such vitamins when you go through a frustrating or stressful period without having a balanced meal. Your body naturally provides your hair with all the growth elements needed, including vitamins.
  • Shampoo less. Most people skip conditioning their hair after taking a shower, which can prove detrimental when trying to grow your hair long and faster. Because of this, you should reduce your usage of shampoo, to avoid the need for a conditioner thereafter. Further, when you have to shampoo your hair, carefully select your products and avoid those with too much sulfite.
  • Rinse your hair using cold water. After having your shower, it’s crucial to use cold water in rinsing your hair. It will provide you the extra hair-growing power by preventing moisture loss, heat damage, and snags.
  • Use sufficient amounts of hair conditioner. Conditioners can prove your best bet when it comes to growing your hair. The conditioning can support the replacement of the proteins and lipids every time you style or color your hair.
  • Employ the use of DIY conditioners. Longer hair requires more TLC compared to what a standard conditioner can offer. As such, you have to incorporate the DIY conditioners that have more TLC to ensure continued and healthy growth of your hair.
  • Avoid using heat tools to reduce the hair damage or loss that such tools can cause.
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It’s crucial for you to properly contextualize the reasons for treating your hair in a specific way when trying to grow it. Avoid falling for the old same retrogressive perspectives about hair growth.