6 Key Areas You Can Massage Daily With Handheld Massager

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You have bought handheld massager and ready to use it on your body to relief stress. But you have no idea where to use the massager on your body. Ok, this article might help you in knowing the best 6 areas where you can massage with massager machine.

Massage is a great way to reduce stress and to reduce pain. But with the right machine you can do wonders for your body and for your body health.

Here are the 6 key areas you should be considering massage on:

  • Neck
  • Shoulder
  • Lower Back
  • Abdomen
  • Hand/arms
  • Legs/feet

Handheld Massager

6 Key Areas Massage Daily


1.    Neck:

Your neck muscles are connected to your head. If you feel any pain at lower neck, you will feel the pain in your head as well. Neck has a lot of muscles that control most of your head movement. If your neck muscles get stiffed that it will be difficult for you to move your neck and head and it would be quite painful.

Stiffness in your muscles of your neck can be due to any injury or bad sleeping and sitting poster. Handheld Massager will help you in releasing muscle soreness. Gently massage the your neck muscles regularly. If your neck muscles are not stiffed, still you can massage on your neck for better blood circulation.

2.    Shoulder:

Shoulder injury can be cause if you sit in a bended position or put a heavy weight. It can be sometimes very serious. But if you are using a handheld massager then you can get rid of muscle pain from the shoulder.

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Pain in shoulder can lead to arms and neck. By using massager you actually getting rid of pain and muscles tension of shoulders.

3.    Lower Back:

You can easily massage your lower back with handheld massager. Many people suffer from lower back pain and women on their menstruation days. This handheld massager is lifesaver for them.

Lower back pain can be due to bad poster. With the help of handheld massager you are circulating the blood in your body which helps in reducing tension between them.

4.    Abdomen:

A good abdominal massage will give you straight abdomen muscles. Muscles there work so hard untill you find out that you have got some muscle injury. Handheld massager helps you to get rid of injury and will give you healthy abdominal muscles.

5.    Hand And Arms:

Hands and arms are that body parts which you use every time. You can use handheld massager on hand and arms to reduce tension between muscles and to release pain. You can use handheld massager for blood circulation of your hands and arms.

6.    Legs And Feet:

You sometimes feel pain and stiffness at calf muscle. The handheld massager is best for this kind of pain. Just gently massage the area.

If you are standing then muscles of legs and feet are working. You don’t want pain in your legs because it’s damn hurtful. Handheld massager will help in blood flowing and good blood circulation.