Planning to buy IUGA pro non slip Yoga Mat? Here is the quick guide

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IUGA pro non slip yoga mat is pleasant and cozy. It allows giving the best outcome. It comes in various sizes so we can choose according to your need. This yoga mat is also available with anti-skid formula. All the properties offered toallow a person to enjoy the experience of yoga.

How do I clean my IUGA yoga mat

How do I clean my IUGA yoga mat?

It does not give importance how usually person employees your yoga mat, it is surely going to get dusty and smelly. This will not give a nice yoga feel.

Perspiration and oil produced from the cuticles can enter the layers of the yoga mat and may speed up the worsening of the mat. Also because of this dirt, it will be hard to perform yoga on the mat as it becomes slippery.

Thus, to get a long life of your mat, you need to clean it regularly. You will be able to practice on a speck of dirt free and non-slippery yoga mat by cleaning it usually.

Cleanse your mat. Wash your mat at least once in a month during warm seasons. When you see more dirt, you need a wash.

Immerse in water. Making a mixture of hot water and any soft soap. Now dip your yoga mat for some time. Do not use much soap as it will make you slip on the mat.

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Now wash your mat using your hands. Do not wash it in a washing machine as not every mat is made for machines. Remember to cleanse both the sides of the mat.

After washing with soap, cleanse your mat using clear water. It will remove excess soap.

Drain out the remaining water from the mat and let it dry under the sun. Drying under the sun will kill bacteria and will also help in removing the odder.

Also, to maintain your yoga mat, you must take care of washing and cleaning your hands and feet before using. Doing so, you will be able to keep your mat clean for a longer period.

After finishing your yoga session, wipe off the mate from both the side using a soft cloth. This will prevent dirt to enter in the layers of your yoga mat.

If you have a sweatier body, try placing a cloth on your mat while doing your yoga practice. You can use a yoga towel also.

These are the general ways that will help you clean your IUGA mat.

What is the best yoga mat for sweaty hands?

A yoga mat that has a high rate of absorbance is best for sweaty hands. Always choose a yoga mat in accordance to your body. Also, try washing your mat at least once a month.

You can also opt for a reversible mat which will provide the use from both the side. IUGA yoga mat provides various materials, density, and viscosity.

How to choose an IUGA pro nonslip yoga mat?

Selecting the most effective anti-skid yoga mats is much from the usual assumption. Elements are present which needs to be taken care of for being secure you create the most effective from the money you pay while purchasing a yoga mat. Let us not squander an hour and survey the elements required for the most effective conclusion.

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The Medium:

Selecting the simplest medium usually builds dissimilarity in the middle of a valuable and cheap yoga adventure. So you would like to remember the various mediums which make utilization. Few mediums are available at ease to use once you are okay with longevity. Few are manufactured to produce fellow feelings and the remaining elements like liquid porosity and nature friendly.


The other element that may produce a large contrast in the middle of a good yoga adventure and a bad yoga adventure is the density of the yoga mat. When the yoga mat has lesser density, and you are at a powerful yoga you are sure to front the hurting joints along the process.

As an example, the main joints of your legs and hands. On the opposite side, if you select a mat with a higher density, you will find yourself facing difficulties. As an example, you will feel hard with maintaining your balance because the floor or the base is wobbly.


You do not want to spend your money on the yoga mat just to find that you cannot lay as it has a size that would not let you work on. The standard quality size for a yoga mat is 24” x 68” broad and width.


Here gummy describes how your cuticles hold fast to the mat to confirm you are safe in several positions. During this circumstance, viscosity mentions to a sucking result that the mat has on the cuticles. Mates manufactured from PVC and rubber gives the foremost result while jute and cotton cannot.

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IUGA pro nonslip yoga mat provides various sizes. It also provides nature-friendly materials and durable fabric. The above points will help in choosing the best IUGA pro nonslip yoga mat.

Buying guides of IUGA pro nonslip yoga mat:

A non slip yoga mat provides you your place to perform. But it is always important to know the points while buying a yoga mat.

Examine your body and height. Knowing your height will help you choose the size of your yoga mat.

Consider your weather as well. If you stay in an area that receives a high amount of rainfall, choose the yoga mat accordingly.

If you travel more, buy a light and handy yoga mat and If you sweat more, buy a high absorbing yoga mat.

For those who believe in an eco- friendly environment, choose an eco-friendly yoga mat.

If you are still a beginner, use an anti-skid yoga mat. It will help you in maintaining grip as well as balance.

Focus on the thickness of the yoga mat as it is going to be the reason behind maintaining balance. The texture is also an important factor as it was provided friction. For ease of washing, you can go for a cotton yoga mat.