What are the Best Shoes for Kickboxing? A Complete Review

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There is nothing better than having the best shoes for kickboxing right underneath your feet. When training in such a demanding sport you deserve to wear only the best shoes that are supportive of your sensitive skin.

The kickboxing footwear has to be comfortable when you are running or standing and feel like a solid rock when you are hitting the opponent. There is not a chance you can win a game if you don’t identify the best shoes for kickboxing that are available for online purchase. This review is about the shoes you are about to wear when performing the kickboxing sport.

best kickboxing shoes

Are there special shoes to wear for kickboxing?


Kickboxing has been a difficult sport. It needs a lot of training both aerobic and anaerobic to develop your muscles and get some physical stamina. This will help you feel a lot better when you are at the boxing court provided that you are having the best shoes for kickboxing worn on your feet anytime you are competing.


The best kickboxing shoes are the ones that have a thicker outsole to helps you find the best traction and grip to the court. Then, you need to opt for leather shoes that do not degrade with the time of sunlight and always take good care of them during races.

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Things to consider when buying shoes for kickboxing


First, you need to consider their width that is crucial for your perfect fit and comfort when you are competing. Especially, for the best shoes for kickboxing, you should be aware of the forefoot area that is crucial for the balance of the user. It can easily take you to lose the game when worn wrong or provide less space for your toe fingers to move freely.


Then you also need to know the existence of a foamy midsole that can take the shape of your feet. This is an important fact for the heavyweight athletes that are competing barefoot many times since traditional shoes are triggering pain feelings to their footbed area.

Are there any differences between boxing and kickboxing shoes?


There are certain differences between the kickboxing and the boxing footwear. The first has an elevated upper mesh and shaft to cover the majority of the ankle and foot arch areas. This is important for the kickboxers that base their efficiency not only in punching but also in kicking the opponent.


On the other hand, boxing shoes are the ones that are flat and less elevated to the ankle area. Boxers require perfect traction and lightweight shoes just to keep their balance since they are not allowed to use their kicks to finish their opponent.


Benefits of the best shoes for kickboxing


When you are wearing the best shoes for kickboxing you are about to thrive in the competition. You will feel free to make an excellent performance while being a lot more confident about the final result of the game.

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Kickboxing shoes are having a better leather layer that can take the shape of your feet so that you can feel them as a part of your skin. These shoes are having more cushioned areas, especially in the heel and foot curve areas, helping you to withstand the pressure from the ground. Kickboxing involves lots of impacts and you better choose your shoes wisely.


Features of the right kickboxing shoes


Most of the good shoes for kickboxing have irresistible features that you cannot easily find other kinds of footwear:

  • Breathability: Small holes on the top of the shaft are giving you increased airflow that decreases the temperature inside the shoes. It can help to reduce sweating during the game and give you the winning streak.
  • Solid and flexible outsoles. The outsoles are usually having more lugs to give you enhanced grip to the terrain. At the same time, they must be flexible enough to offer you the chance to move your feet to such an extent you can hit the opponent.
  • Removable insoles: It is a great feature reassuring the hygiene level of the users. Insoles can be easily washed and rinsed with soap and water and dry in a matter of hours.
  • Extra cushioning on the heel area: This cushioning can easily reduce the pain felt by the constant impacts to the ground or the opponent. A more relaxed footbed can easily give you the competitive edge to win the kickboxing game.