Alexis Ren Ab Workout – Journey to Social Media Star

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Alexis Ren is a model and social media star. She is an icon and role model for youngsters and has huge fan-following on social media. Apart from having approximately 13 million Instagram followers and over 700,000 YouTube subscribers, Alexis is a swimsuit model. Back in 2017, she appeared on the cover of maxim and then she was called for sports Illustrated Swimsuit Rookie of 2018. With all these things, Alexis Ren is also famous for being fit and in shape. Alexis Ren ab workout routines are often in a talk she motivates people to prioritise health and fitness in their life.


Once in life, Alexis Ren was overweight and people judged her wrongly for being a plummy girl. However, she didn’t slip into the pit of self-consciousness but rose over it and lost all the weight she had gained in the past. Her weight loss journey is inspiring so let’s know more about it.


Starting of Alexis Ren Weight Loss Journey


Alexis Ren began her career from clothing score at just 13 years old. After that, she started working with a modelling agency. From here, her career went uphill and she started receiving

more projects. She had established herself in the industry but her mother’s sudden demise left her heartbroken. During that time, she was modelling in Australia and she had gained weight. In return, her modelling agency gently nudged her about her boy’s chance. She was having eating issues. To deal with body weight, she started dieting and exercising more frequently and developed a proper routine. This Alexis Ren ab workout came from that time only.

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She opened up about her weight loss journey and said “I have been through a lot of life experience and for a 20-year-old girl it was too much to handle. People tend to judge a book by its cover but I love being unexpected and gaining respect for who I am and not how I look.”


These were her words, she is still taking modelling assignments but her workout routine is equally popular. So let’s know more about Alexis Ren ab workout.


Alexis Ren Daily Diet


After developing a good body, she took up more modelling assignments with her past-boyfriend and co-model Jay Alvarez. Due to this, her diet became even more restrictive and her schedule took a toll on her. She wasn’t able to cope up with it so she consulted someone and then went for a moderate diet. She involved healthy food items in her plate and excluded the wrong ones. So here is what she included in her diet.


Food Alexis Ren Daily Diet


Fruit like lots of pineapples, strawberries, watermelon, papaya, and mango.

Kale chips, trail mix (without M&M’s),

banana ice cream (simply bananas blended with almond milk), Salad with lemon and pepper, vegan protein powder, veggie burger wrapped in lettuce with avocado, leafy vegetables such as cabbage broccoli, cauliflower, and spinach etc.


Foods Alexis Ren Excluded


Bread, fast food, alcohol, red meat, sugar,

no fruit after lunch and no eating after 7 pm and no refined flour.


After her weight loss journey Alexis Ren

has been growing her career and staying motivated. You can do it too if you follow her healthy diet and eat moderately at the right time. While losing weight, eating on time is as important as eating fat-free and healthy food. So please maintain a schedule and eat on time. It will do wonders to your body, whereas, disturbing the eating schedule will ruin your efforts.

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Alexis Ren Ab Workout


According to Alexis Ren, exercise is as necessary as eating healthy. Without workout none can lose weight and shaping a body is next to impossible. So it is an important part and you should not skip it.


To support her journey, Alexis Ren went for an exercise schedule which is known as Alexis Ren Ab Workout. Her social media fans are crazy about it. So let’s have a look at her ab workout to know what she did to achieve fitness.


Alexis Ren Ab Workout Routine


Here is a set of her exercises in which each exercise goes for 30 seconds. You must follow to achieve your fitness goals.


  • Sit-up
  • Knee Touch Crunches
  • Heel Touches
  • Bicycle Crunches
  • Toe Taps Leg Lifts
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Scissor Kicks
  • Leg Lifts
  • Russian Twists
  • Reach Through Crunches
  • Legs to Ceiling Reaching Crunches
  • Legup Alternating Toe Crunch
  • Crunch Kicks
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Plank
  • Right Side plank
  • Left Side Plank
  • Plank
  • Plank Twists
  • Spider Climbers


Alexis recommends doing this exercise routine daily. Avoid skipping it. However, if you are a beginner then you can follow this routine every second day or even 3 times per week. This workout routine will strengthen, tighten and slim down your waistline. It is for the whole body and focuses on the core muscle. If you need six-pack abs then it is extremely good for you.


However, if you wish to achieve serious results then eating healthy is mandatory for you because proper nutrition and energy if the important and human body cannot proceed without it.

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Alexis Ren ab workout routine will help you in shedding extra pounds from your body but this workout alone won’t be enough. So eat healthily and make some ground rules for you. In weight loss journey, consistency and determination

is super important.


Start from the 10-minute workout daily and then increase the time gradually. If you stay consistent, disciplined and follow this for 30 days Alexis Ren ab workout routine then you will see results very soon.