10 Ultimate Tips for Successful Home Workouts

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You can still stay active and fit at home. It is doable. It may be challenging at first but with careful planning and schedule optimization, you won’t even feel like missing the gym at all.



Everyone is still slowly adjusting to all the changes that the pandemic has brought about. You deserve congratulation for choosing to stick to your fitness routine despite it all. Everyone deserves congratulations for living through the global pandemic.


Choosing to stay active in the midst of a pandemic is mighty helpful. It will boost your body’s immune system and help you in keeping yourself in top form. It’s the next best proactive thing that you could do to keep yourself from catching any kind of sickness or virus.


To help you in fully optimizing your home workouts, we collected ten home workout tips from experts to make your planning all the easier. Enjoy!

Home Workouts with kids


Tip # 1: Know your time.


Don’t force anything upon yourself. The last thing that you’d want to do is give yourself a harder time. This is why it’s important to get to know your time. Don’t push for morning workouts when you’re not a morning person. If you feel more comfortable with working out at night, then do so by all means. Pick the best time for yourself. Don’t blindly follow anyone’s suggested routine. You do you!

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Tip # 2: Treat your workout time as an equally important activity.


Your workout time is as equally important as any activity. It is not something that you do just because you have free time. You should dedicate time to it. To do this successfully, include your workout schedule in the same calendar where you put all your appointments. Scheduling it in a clear and definite manner is a must.


Tip # 3: Measure everything.


Don’t go about your workout routine without a goal. Workout sessions with no goal end up unsuccessful. To ensure that you keep to your sessions, you should track and measure everything. You need not have grand goals. Setting one as simple as – 30 min walk every T-TH-S – is more than enough. The clearer your goal is, the better. This is the very thing that people pay personal coaches for. Personal coaches track and monitor every single progress. Carnegie Personal Training experts can easily help you if you have a hard time tracking your progress. You could easily reach out to one via email, phone, or through their social media profiles.


Tip # 4: Be loud and proud.


Be bold about it. Share your workout sessions with your friends or post on social media. Having people know will keep you accountable. You’d also get encouraged as your friends will surely give you positive feedback! You can also schedule virtual workout sessions with friends to make things more fun!


Home Workouts

Tip # 5: Feel free to experiment!


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The good thing with home workouts is you can be more creative. When at home, you can conveniently watch your favorite show or listen to podcasts while sweating it out. If walking is your thing, you can choose to walk in different neighborhoods. You can even use your walking time to reach out to friends.


Tip # 6: Be outside if you can!


Be under the sun as much as you can. Jog, walk, or bike around if your area allows it. Just be sure that you maintain proper social distance and that you wear a mask at all times. Your mental health will greatly improve if you have regular exposure to sunlight and fresh air.


Tip # 7: Check out mindful walking.


Walking is the best exercise there is. Anyone can do it anytime and anywhere. Now is the best time to try it out if you have yet to incorporate it into your workout. If you’ve been walking already, you might want to level it up by trying out mindful walking. Mindful walking is very simple. All you have to do is to fully bring all your attention to every step. Seeing the trees, smelling the air, and feeling the sun in a fully present way will melt away all your worries.


Tip # 8: Check out new home workouts!


Now is the best time to try out something new! If you’ve always wanted to try line dancing, Zumba, or barre exercise, now is the best time to do it! It’s so easy to try and explore new workouts because all you have to do is search for whatever you want online. As you’re on your own, you’d have all the liberty to change from one workout to the next. You’d get to know more and more about yourself with every new workout that you’d get to explore!

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Tip # 9: Have a dedicated home workouts area.


Dedicating a particular space for any kind of activity is the ultimate hack. Doing such will trigger your brain to be conditioned to do something if you’re in a certain area. Your home workouts will be more successful if you have a dedicated space that your brain can easily dedicate to working out. With one, your brain will be excited and ready to move about the very moment that you’re in your workout area.


Tip # 10: Home Workouts with the kids!


If you have kids and you feel guilty every time you’d want to spend time on your own, then have them join you. You can get in a good workout session by going for a bike ride, shooting baskets, or playing catch or tag. Playing together is a solid way to bond, stay fit, and decompress.