Kevin Smith Weight loss Six Months After Heart Attack

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Kevin Smith 48 the director of ‘Clerks’ plus other movies cheated death last year when he suffered a massive heart attack.He lost 85 pounds in June 2015 and the secret of this weight loss is walking 5 miles daily and cutting of the sugary drinks.

Smith worked hard to lose weight for the years, including a good amount of weight in 2015. Ultimately he lost about 80 pounds over 10 years but still suffered a heart attack. The doctors who saved his life reported that he has 100% blockage in LAD artery.

How Kevin Smith Weight loss

How Kevin Smith lost 17 Pounds in 9 days post heart attack

After the major heart attack, Kevin Smith has made major changes in his lifestyle. He decided to skip the food items which he usually eats. In order to do so, he adopted the all-potato diet this diet is made by illusionist Penn Jillette in his book, Presto.

As per Smith potato diet is interesting as well as the necessary course for my health. But when he goes to a different place he thinks about to eat again.

Nutritionists view about Potato Diet

The Dena Champion is a registered dietician at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center is not in the favor of potato-diet only for a heart attack victim or a person who is trying to lose weight.

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Kevin Smith Weight loss 50 Pounds

How Kevin Smith lose 50 pounds of weight?

Kevin was in the hospital due to a heart attack and the doctor told him to lose 50 pounds in 6 months. To follow the doctor’s order he started at 256 and now he with 205 which is the lightest since he was in high school.

During the film making, he used to get a craft service that includes delicious, sugary snacks etc. He consumed the sugar, salts, oils and bread eating for hours without thinking about its side effects.

But post-heart attack he avoids the craft services table. Whereas in the past he loves junk food so it becomes hard to say no to that food. He also rarely sits on set, according to Kevin you can easily get your 10,000 steps in on any set simply by remaining on your feet in a day.

Weight loss vegan food

How Vegan Diet affected Kevin Smith?

Harley Quinn Smith actress the daughter of Kevin Smith suggested her dad follow the Vegan Diet. After following the vegan diet he has become healthier he’s ever been. One month after eating plant-based diet the lab test of Kevin produced fantastic results like reduced Lipitor Cholesterol and the medication reduced by half.

Kevin’s search for Delicious as well as Vegan Food

But Kevin is keen to enjoy the delicious food and asked Rogan about LA’s vegan Crossroad Kitchen, that makes plant-based meatball subs. Apart from it he enjoys the vegan food at Veggie Grill and asked them to open a restaurant in his hometown of Red Bank, New Jersey.

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Kevin also requested Veggie Grill to add vegan Pizza in their menu and tweeted Dear VeggieGrill- You are perfect.

Persons behind the weight loss journey of Kevin Smith?

His weight loss watchers Penn Jillette and his book Presto and NASA scientist turned nutrition. And weight loss specialists Ray Cronise are the motivators of Smith in the weight loss journey. Ray encouraged Smith to a plant and potato-based diet. Harley the daughter of Smith introduced him to a vegan lifestyle.

Bann sugar and eat beets

The comedy director Kevin explained that he lost 40 pounds only by banning sugar and eating beets. A great anti-sugar documentary has changed my perception has completely changed the life of Kevin.

The drinks available in the market are all just sugar water. Not only is a single drink without sugar. The juice is natural when he stopped drinking juices, sodas etc. he found the weight is flying off.

Food that helps to lose weight

Jeff Anderson is the guy who played Randall in Clerks, gave Kevin a recipe to lose weight. The recipe is 8 fistfuls of spinach, half a cucumber, half a lemon, half an apple, a small size nugget of ginger. It tastes very bad you need to drink it by pinching your nose and gulped down fast.

To make this tastier Kevin started to add half a beet, the half carrot that made it little tastier as compared to the earlier taste.

Beet Dick works

The juice of everything boosts the mood as well as the energy level of the Kevin. He remains charged and works great for long hours.

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Cut down the animal products from the diet

In Instagram’s post, he shared about where he got the inspiration to cut animal products. With this, he also wants to thank his kid @harleyquinnsmith a little vegan astronaut. She explored the meatless and milkless diet. As Kevin doesn’t want to see the inside of the hospital again, he simply copied his kid.

Hiking and Yoga

Yes, he is working out, on a hill which is just outside of his house. He takes his dog with him. He never does exercise just walk every day. Smith is an active person he often does hiking and even does yoga with Jay Mewes from ‘Clerks;.


Kevin Smith Weight loss Before and After


Changes experienced by Kevin Smith after the weight loss?

Kevin stated that he started becoming heavier day by day; probably his job may be the reason. In case if he has a different kind of job he might have tried to reduce the weight. But in the film making career, the people who want to hire you never tell you that you are fat.

At least no one tells you this on your face. This is because you may not feel that you are fat. They might call you a big guy which is a sort of nice way of taking. Actually, you are fat.

According to Kevin, it’s not the diet you need to completely change your lifestyle as well. Depending on the plant-based diet is hard for him as he hate vegetables. But he wants to thank all his followers who encouraged him during his weight loss journey.

He never underestimated the power of feedback by changing the lifestyle Kevin not only looks better but healthy as well. There is no doubt the vegan diet has an array of health benefits as it is nutrient-rich and whole plant food in your diet.