6 Reasons to Consider Weight Loss Surgery – Lets Check it Out

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Weight loss surgery is a big step that shouldn’t be taken lightly and never without extensive consultation. Diet and exercise are always the first port of call when it comes to weight loss, but there are numerous surgeries available too. Which surgery you require will depend on your circumstances, but here are six reasons to consider carefully.

6 Reasons to consider weight loss surgery

#1 Exercise/diet hasn’t worked


Lifestyle changes will always be the number one way to lose weight, but they don’t work for everybody. There are plenty of reasons for this, but if you find that switching to a healthier diet and taking more exercise doesn’t shed the pounds, then it could be time to look elsewhere. Weight loss surgery is rightly considered a last resort, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t highly effective.


#2 You’re worried about genetics


If your family has a long history of obesity and the people around you struggle to lose weight, then genetics is likely to blame. It can feel like weight loss is beyond you and out of your control, but that isn’t the case. Weight loss surgeries like those offered by Olde Del Mar Surgical are effective regardless of genes, and they can help you take back some degree of control over your body.


#3 You have other health problems


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Obesity puts you at risk of a range of other health problems, including diabetes and certain types of cancer. Diabetics, in particular, can gain a lot from weight loss surgery, which has the potential to improve their condition quite dramatically. Anyone with a hereditary risk of heart disease, hypertension, stroke, or high cholesterol can also benefit. Obesity is a major risk factor for all of these diseases, but surgery can decrease the danger.


#4 Your life is limited


One of the worst parts of being overweight is how it can limit your life. Day-to-day tasks become difficult, and doing the things you love can sometimes seem impossible. This has a profound effect on mental health, leading to anxiety and sometimes even depression. Many see weight loss surgery as a way of regaining their freedom. It also allows individuals to take more exercise, promoting a positive cycle.


#5 You have joint pain


Obesity is a major cause of jointpain. Quite simply, the excess weight puts more strain on your joints as you move, causing pain. This can be particularly acute if you already suffer from arthritis, at which point losing weight through conventional methods might become difficult. If joint pain stops you from exercising, weight loss surgery becomes a far more viable option.


#6 You’re willing to make big changes


Weight loss surgery, while effective, isn’t a magic bullet. You will shed weight, but you’ll need to make big lifestyle changes too. These involve a healthy, more nutritious diet and exercise. Fortunately, you’ll have lots of support in the form of meal planners and fitness coaches to advise you on these changes. You’ll need to be ready to commit and work, though, otherwise the surgery could be wasted.

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